Elevated rail proposal (24.02.2016)
      Celebrating Ramadan
      Supporting social enterprise in Bentleigh
      Kindergarten funding (23.02.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Speed zones on Beaconsfield Parade (24.02.2015)
      AFL Women's Industry Lunch
      Visiting regional victoria
      Mirabel Christmas
      Level crossings - sky rail
      Andrews Government literally has no answers for youth justice crisis (30.5.2017)
      Finding local solutions to family violence
      Fix gender imbalance in community sport
      The Yellow Donkey not happy about Grand Final holiday
      ANZAC commemorations in East Malvern
      Exciting and new - Chelsea Kindergarten
      Celebrating Australia Day
      Edithvale Kindergarten open - thanks to Coalition funding
      Safety at Bentleigh rail crossing (14.04.2015)
      Auditor-General: Palliative Care
      Voluntary euthanasia (14.04.2015)
      Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Hairdressing Registration) Bill 2015
      Kindergarten Funding - 15 hour programs (16.04.2015)
      Poor Government performance (16.04.2015)
      ANZAC commemorations in Stonnington
      Ballarat - discussing police resources and family violence
      Celebrating with the Somali community
      Early childhood forum in Glen Iris
      Family Violence Stories Risk Staying Secret (21.05.2015)
      Tens of millions cut from family violence programs
      Time for Labor solutions not politics on early childhood services (27.05.2015)
      Working with Youth Connect for education and employment
      More detail needed for domestic violence register
      Bentleigh traders need consultation on Centre Road level crossing removal (11.06.2015)
      Robb and Crozier seek clarity on Bentleigh Crossing Removal (26.05.2015)
      Heart disease - biggest killer of Australian women
      $4 million for Very Special Kids - thanks to PM Tony Abbott
      Celebrating Ramadan Iftar
      Family Violence forum in Mooroolbark
      North Road level crossing works should have started!
      Cancer Council Victoria: annual review 2014
      Government performance - where is the substance?
      Supporting the amazing work of Guide Dogs Victoria
      Parking at Southland (6.5.2015)
      Anzac Day (7.5.2015)
      Royal Commission into Family Violence (26.5.2015)
      Centre Road, Bentleigh - level crossing (27.5.2015)
      Centre Road, Bentleigh - level crossing (10.6.2015)
      Auditor-General: Early Intervention Services for Vulnerable Children and Families (10.6.2014)
      Accident outside McKinnon Secondary College (11.6.2015)
      Youth Connect (11.6.2015)
      Kindergarten funding (11.6.2015)
      Appropriation (2015-2016) Bill 2015 and Budget Papers 2015-16
      Auditor-General: Operational Effectiveness of the Myki Ticketing System (24.6.2015)
      Centre-Mackie roads - Bentleigh East (25.6.2015)
      Appropriation (2015-2016) Bill 2015
      Port of Melbourne Lease (4.08.2015)
      Violence Free Families (25.6.2015)
      Save Port Philip Bay
      Support Family Violence victims now
      Child protection and family violence discussions in Shepparton
      Packenham visit to the Henry Family Centre
      Supporting St Kilda mums
      Danger on the corner of Centre and Mackie roads
      Minister Mikakos caught out (31.08.2016)
      When will the Office of Women's Affairs performance measures report be available? (4.08.2015)
      Victoria Police Amendment (Validation) Bill 2015
      Report - supply and use of methamphetamines, particularly ice, in Victoria (5.08.2015)
      John Gough (5.08.2015)
      McKinnon Road level crossing - land acquisition (6.08.2015)
      Report from the Commission for Children and Young People (19.8.2015)
      Arrowsmith at St Peter's Primary needs ongoing support
      Congestion, pollution and noise - truck problem on Beach Road
      Local Bentleigh Business - Rocco's Fresh Fruit
      McKinnon Station crossing removal - impact at Mr Burch
      Local Bentleigh Business - Grand Final holiday costs
      Instruction to Committee - Children Youth and Families Amendment Bill 2015
      Beach Road truck curfew (18.08.2015)
      Adoption Amendment Bill 2015
      Lunchtime Rumours Feast (18.08.2015)
      Commission for Children and Young People - Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in residential care
      Infrastructure Victoria Bill 2015
      Planning and Environment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2015
      Child Protection - Families and Children (1.9.2015)
      Corrections Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
      Gay? It's OK (1.9.2015)
      Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access) Bill 2015
      Do we need a third secondary school in Glen Eira? (2.9.2015)
      St Peter's Primary School, East Bentleigh (3.9.2015)
      Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Bill 2015
      Women and girls sport (15.9.2015)
      Crimes Amendment (Child Pornography and Other Matters) Bill 2015
      Emergency Management (Control of Response Activities and Other Matters) Bill 2015
      Grand Final Public Holiday (15.9.2015)
      Bentleigh Traders Association - Impact of Public Holidays (15.9.2015)
      Family Violence - funding for programs (16.9.2015)
      Commission for Children and Young People: " As a Good Parent Would "
      Public Holidays - Grand Final Eve (16.9.2015)
      Kindergartens - cost of new ratios (17.9.2015)
      Discussing Health and Community Services in the South West region
      Road Safety - Beach Road and Beaconsfield parade (6.10.2015)
      Grand Final Friday Public Holiday (6.10.2015)
      Improving community services for children, young people and families in Geelong
      Commissioner for Children and Young People (23.2.2016)
      Supporting women and their families - Pink Ribbon Breakfast at Parliament House
      123 Read 2 Me
      Grand Final Friday - Petition (20.10.2015)
      Raising awareness of ovarian cancer at Afternoon Teal
      Department of Health and Human Services: report 2014-15
      Police numbers (21.10.2015)
      Australia Post Gender Action Plan (21.10.2015)
      OHI Day celebrations in Melbourne
      Diwali comes to Parliament
      In Bentleigh listening to resident's concerns
      Remembrance Day at East Malvern RSL
      Attendance of children at cage fights (11.11.2015)
      Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (No Jab, No Play) Bill 2015
      Cage Fighting - Melbourne (10.11.2015)
      Youth justice facilities (11.11.2015)
      Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015
      Level Crossing Removal - McKinnon Station
      Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Aboriginal Principal Officers) Bill 2015
      Discussing ratios at Bentleigh West Kindergarten
      At Valkstone Primary - talking about redevelopment funding
      Girls schools at Parliament House for International Women's Day
      Conversations that make women and children safer
      Working towards gender equality - Make the Link
      Governments sending a message that violence against women is not acceptable
      Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2015
      North Road, Ormond - level crossing removal
      Southern Metropolitan Region - North Road, Ormond level crossing removal
      Can the Media Prevent Violence Against Women?
      East Malvern RSL for Remembrance Day
      Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Child Safe Standards) Bill 2015
      Family violence - Cage Fighting (26.11.2015)
      Waverley Emergency Adolescent Care (8.12.2015)
      Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015
      Parliamentarians Against Family Violence
      SMR - Cameras on Beaconsfield Parade (9.12.2015)
      Child protection (10.12.2015)
      Relationships Amendment Bill 2015
      Government performance (10.12.2015)
      Celebrating Finnish Independence Day
      Calling for more police resources
      Midsumma Carnival
      In Bentleigh talking about local issues
      Coalition Parliamentary colleagues celebrate International Women's Day
      Second Bite - inducted to Victorian Honour Roll of Women
      Opening - Surrey Hills Preschool and Maternal and Child Health Centre
      Launching the Community Participatory Theatre project
      Youth Justice Centre riot review should be public
      Melbourne Youth Justice Centre (8.3.2016)
      Children Legislation Amendment Bill 2016
      Women in sport - International Women's Day (19.8.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Girls and sport
      Melbourne Youth Justice Centre Riots (8.3.2016)
      Melbourne Youth Justice Centre - reporting of Category 1 incidents
      Children in good hands at Maryvale Crescent Preschool.
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Road closures due to Level Crossing Removals (10.3.2016)
      Valkstone Primary School (10.3.2016)
      Melbourne Youth Justice Centre - Riot (9.3.2016)
      Victim Survivors' Advisory Council (23.3.2016)
      Happy Pesach in the Victorian parliament
      At the In One Voice Festival with Senator Mitch Fifield
      Andrews government ignores the needs of small business
      The Royal Commission into Family Violence
      Royal Commission into Family Violence (30.3.2016)
      Keeping Children Safe - 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur tradegy
      With Hon Michaelia Cash at the Melbourne WWDA conference
      ANZAC Day at Caulfield RSL
      ANZAC Day commemorations in Glen Eira
      Sri Lanka Women's Group meeting
      Victorian 2016/17 Budget - Kindergartens
      North Road level crossing removal - Impact on Small Business (22.03.2016)
      Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill 2015
      Family Violence - Unchain My Heart (22.03.2016)
      In One Voice (22.03.2016)
      Caring Mums (23.03.2016)
      SMR - traffic patterns and freight data on Beaconsfield Parade
      Victoria Police Amendment (Merit-based Transfer) Bill 2016
      National Forum for Women and Girls with Disability (12.04.2016)
      SMR - Bentleigh traders stimulus package (12.04.2016)
      Family Violence - Safe Futures Foundation (13.04.2016)
      Public Safety on Victoria's Train System (13.04.2016)
      Centre Road, Bentleigh - level crossing removal and parking (3.05.2016)
      Playgroup Victoria is Laying The Foundations
      Walking and supporting - Mother's Day Classic 2016
      Supporting Women's Hockey at Hockey Victoria Women's Round
      Auditor-General: Public Safety on Victoria'S Train System (4.05.2016)
      Country Fire Authority enterprise bargaining agreement (4.05.2016)
      Women in Media Victoria (4.05.2016)
      Alannah & Madeline Foundation (4.05.2016)
      Maternal and child health conference (5.05.2016)
      Haven Foundation - South Yarra (24.05.2016)
      Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2016
      Trades Hall (25.05.2016)
      Electoral Matters Committee: Conduct of 2014 Victorian State Election (25 May 2016)
      Sandringham Hospital - Petition ((25.05.2016)
      Speaking to 600 CWA members in Melbourne
      North Road, Ormond level crossing - communication with traders (26.05.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - mandatory height controls (26.06.2016)
      North Road traders at Ormond need help now !
      $300,000 from Minister Bishop for women's housing
      Andrews Labor - chaos, dysfunction and factional brawling (7.6.2016)
      Hypocrisy, thy name is Daniel Andrews (6.6.2016)
      The CFA needs a fair and balanced deal
      North Road, Ormond level crossing communication (7.6.2016)
      Appropriation (2016-2017) Bill 2016 and Budget Papers 2016-17
      Whittlesea Community Connections (8.6.2016)
      Electoral Matters Committee: conduct of 2014 Victorian state election (8.6.2016)
      Country Fire Authority enterprise bargaining agreement (8.6.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Preschool Field Officer Funding (8.6.2016)
      CFA enterprise bargaining agreement - UFU takeover (8.6.2016)
      North Road, Ormond level crossing - Petition (8.6.2016)
      A lesson in coding and computer games
      Witness Protection Amendment Bill 2016
      Congratulations and commiserations to Marlene Kairouz (20.6.2016)
      Protesting - NO to Sky Rail
      Elevated rail proposal Sky Rail (21.6.2016)
      Gender equality (21.6.2016)
      Daniel Andrews Pattern of Behaviour (23.6.2016)
      Level Crossings - soil and toxic contaminants (21.6.2016)
      Electoral Matters Committee: conduct of 2014 Victorian state election (22.6.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - assistance for traders (22.6.2016)
      St Kilda police resources (23.6.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Car-jackings in Malvern
      Dalidakis Deserts Small Business (27.6.2016)
      Innovation at Amcor
      Inspiring debate at the 30th Victorian Youth Parliament
      Congratulations and welcome!
      The Babes Project
      In memory of the Third Battle of the Somme in July and August 1918
      Victorians must respect bail laws to tackle crime - HERALD SUN
      Congratulations and Welcome to the City of Port Phillip
      Speaking to Melbourne lawyers about rising crime
      Daniel Andrews sidelines Fiona Richardson (18.8.2016)
      Parkville Youth Justice Centre (18.8.2016)
      Daniel Andrews' pattern of behaviour (29.08.2016)
      Visiting the new outdoor play area at Tarralla Kindergarten
      Battle of Long Tan - service and sacrifice should never be forgotten
      An update on Arrowsmith
      Siena College, Camberwell visit Parliament House
      Kindergarten asbestos management (23.06.2016)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing - Petition (23.06.2016)
      Education and Training Reform Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2016
      Government performance (16.08.2016)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing (17.08.2016)
      Auditor-General: Follow Up of Residential Care Services for Children (17.08.2016)
      Youth justice centres (17.08.2016)
      Immunisation (18.08.2016)
      Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence (18.08.2016)
      Dr Stanley Cochrane Memorial Kindergarten (30.08.2016)
      Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill 2016
      Tree removal (30.08.2016)
      Baby Makes 3 (31.08.2016)
      Auditor-General: Follow Up of Residential Care Services for Children (31.08.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Proposed Developments (31.08.2016)
      Protesting with concerned residents to save the trees along St Kilda Road
      Concerned traders in North Road speak with the Opposition Leader
      Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre (9.9.2016)
      Tobacco Amendment Bill 2016
      Workplace bullying (1.09.2016)
      Melbourne Youth Justice Centre (12.9.2016)
      Family violence (13.9.2016)
      Ormond railway station - Petition (13.9.2016)
      Ombudsman - Management of complex workers compensation claims and WorkSafe oversight
      Constituency Questions - Bus Stops in Centre Road Bentleigh (14.9.2016)
      Three successive nights of violence at youth justice centres (14.9.2016)
      Insights from former Prime Minister John Howard
      Supporting women and girls in Choctober
      Youth Crime Statistics (29.9.2016)
      Youth gang 'Supermax' (26.9.2016)
      Views and conversation on political issues
      Marching with police to recognise those who have given so much
      Speaking to the Press on Youth Crime
      Respectful Relationships Curriculum (11.10.2016)
      Discussing issues affecting small business in Bentleigh
      Jenny Mikakos and Lisa Neville failing on youth crime (13.10.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Public Consultation Sky Tower (11.10.2016)
      Cricket Southern Bayside (11.10.2016)
      National Domestic Violence Order Scheme Bill 2016
      Ormond railway station - Petition (11.10.2016)
      Youth Justice Centres (12.10.2016)
      Standing Committee on Legal and Social Issues (12.10.2016)
      Children Forgotten in Child Protection (13.10.2016)
      Launch in Bentleigh of Cricket Southern Bayside
      Hennessy's Behavioural Double Standards (21.10.2016)
      Helping at St Mary's House of Welcome during Anti-Poverty week
      Crimes Amendment (Carjacking and Home Invasion) Bill 2016
      Crime Prevention (13.10.2016)
      Youth Jail Riots Out of Control (24.10.2016)
      No SkyTower at Ormond Station
      Daniel Andrews needs to investigate Steve Herbert bullying claims (27.10.2016)
      Commemorating with Greek Australians on Ohi Day
      East West Link squatters (7.11.2016)
      Guns Handed to Family Violence Offenders (9.11.2016)
      Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre (25.10.2016)
      Ormond railway station - Petitions (25.10.2016)
      Commission for Children and Young People: report 2015-16
      Child protection - (8.11.2016)
      Traditional Owner Settlement Amendment Bill 2016
      Southern Metropolitan Region level crossing removal - marketing (9.11.2016)
      Ormond Railway Station - Petitions (9.11.2016)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - national redress scheme (9.11.2016)
      Foster carers (10.11.2016)
      Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Oversight and Enforcement of Child Safe Standards) Bill 2016
      Youth Justice Quarterly incident data (3.11.2016)
      Daniel Andrews has completely failed to act on youth gangs (17.11.2016)
      Jenny Mikakos has lost control of youth justice (14.11.2016)
      Mikakos' Prison Pizza Party (14.11.2016)
      Time for Jenny Mikakos to go to the backbench (17.11.2016)
      Jenny Mikakos (23.11.2016)
      Poor workmen blame their tools - (22.11.2016)
      Statement on Family Violence (24.11.2016)
      Andrews Government Turning Family Violence into a Political Football (24.11.2016)
      When will Jenny finally get the sack? (25.11.2016)
      Snowdome Foundation (22.11.2016)
      Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Youth Offenders) Bill 2016 (25.11.2016)
      Working with Children Amendment Bill 2016
      Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Amendment (Abolition of the Penalty Fares Scheme) Bill 2016
      Youth justice crisis - (30.11.2016)
      Victoria Against Violence
      White Ribbon Day
      The truth will set Jenny Mikakos free (8.12.2016)
      Youths Rioting at Malmsbury - (12.1.2017)
      Andrews Government demonstrates utter incompetence - (28.1.2017)
      Family Violence Advertisements - (15.12.2016)
      Report confirms Youth Justice out of control (24.1.2017)
      Youth justice centres - Adjournment (8.2.2017)
      Taxi Fares for Youth Offender visitors (7.2.2017)
      Mikakos' Supermax Backflip (27.1.2017)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing (6.12.2016)
      Equal Opportunity Amendment (Religious Exceptions) Bill 2016
      Ormond railway station - Petition (6.12.2016)
      Government performance (7.12.2016)
      Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Youth Offenders) Bill 2016 (7.12.2016)
      Young offenders (7.12.2016)
      Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor Bill 2016
      Justice Legislation Amendment (Parole Reform and Other Matters) Bill 2016
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Increase in Power Prices
      Conduct of Liana Buchanan (8.2.2017)
      Barwon Prison Riot (14.2.2017)
      Ormond railway station - Petition (7.2.2017)
      Youth justice centres - taxi fares (7.2.2017)
      Youth justice system - maximum security prison beds (7.2.2017)
      Ombudsman: youth justice facilities (8.2.2017)
      Daniel Andrews' youth justice crisis continues (21.12.2016)
      Andrews Government demonstrates utter incompetence (28.12.2016)
      Andrews Government's Pool Parties for Thugs (9.1.2017)
      Cost of youth riots revealed (15.2.2017)
      Mikakos desperately clinging to her job (23.2.2017)
      No confidence motion against Jenny Mikakos passes (22.2.2017)
      International Women's Day 2017
      Women in Rotary celebrate IWD2017
      Sir John Monash mosaic revealed
      Celebrating Australia Day in the City of Kingston
      Appointment of Liberty Sanger to government board (8.3.2017)
      Crime forum to discuss public safety and domestic violence
      Making a difference with 123Read2Me
      Minister for Families and Children - No Confidence Motion
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Flood damage in McKinnon (9.2.2017)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing - Melbourne Water (21.2.2017)
      Minister for Families and Children - No Confidence Motion - concluding remards (22.2.2017)
      Ormond railway station - Petition (22.2.2017)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing - LXRA drainage works (23.2.2017)
      Children Legislation Amendment (Reportable Conduct) Bill 2016
      Family violence emergency relief (7.3.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Purchase of Myki tickets (7.3.2017)
      Ombudsman: youth justice facilities (8.3.2017)
      Government performance (8.3.2017)
      International Women's Day 2017 - Rotary
      Youth justice centre staff - female youth justice workers (9.3.2017)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing - flooding events (21.3.2017)
      Wrongs Amendment (Organisational Child Abuse) Bill 2016
      Another report criticises youth justice under Daniel Andrews (23.3.2016)
      McKinnon myki outlets - Petition (21.3.2017)
      Treasury Corporation of Victoria (22.3.2017)
      Premier's looking like a fraud (13.4.2017)
      ANZAC commemorations in Caulfield
      Celebrating 40 Years of the Bentleigh Market
      Government performance (23.3.2017)
      Creative Victoria Bill 2016
      Southern Metropolitan Region - secondary campus for McKinnon Secondary College (23.3.2017)
      Education and Care Services National Law Amendment Bill 2017
      Anzac Day 2017
      Member for Melton (2.5.2017)
      Family Violence (2.5.2017)
      Family Violence Protection Amendment Bill 2017
      SMR - Bentleigh Secondary College student numbers (9.5.2016)
      Commission for Children and Young People: The Same Four Walls
      'Rewriting Motherhood' in Queens Hall
      Country Fire Authority future (10.5.2017)
      Supreme Court ruling on Barwon prison (11.5.2017)
      Mother's Day lunch with St Kilda Mums
      Visitors from India tour our Parliament
      Mother's Day Classic 2017
      Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade (11.5.2017)
      Hypocrisy thy name is Daniel Andrews (19.5.2017)
      Family Violence Protection Amendment (Information Sharing) Bill 2017
      Anger continues in the taxi industry
      Planning concerns about ad hoc policy in Glen Eira
      Youth justice facilities (6.6.2017)
      Appropriation (Parliament 2017-2018) Bill 2017.
      Anthony Foster (6.6.2017)
      Jenny Mikakos still no idea, still no clue (8.6.2017)
      Taking back our State: The Liberal Nationals plan to tackle violent re-offending (11.4.2017)
      Kindergarten funding (7.6.2017)
      Sex Offenders Registration Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2017
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Impact of Crime on Small Business
      Members statements - 100 years of Women at Victoria Police (8.6.2017)
      Once again Daniel Andrews is all blame and no responsibility (9.6.2017)
      Guide Dog puppies in Parliament
      Parliament Doorstep
      State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2017
      Southern Metropolitan Region Little Athletics facilities (21 June 2017)
      Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (21.6.2017)
      Children and Justice Legislation Amendment (Youth Justice Reform) Bill 2017
      Crime rates (22.6.2017)
      Debate at Carey
      Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Ryan's Reserve (23.6.2017)
      Compelling discussion on the decline of Victoria's law and order
      Inaugural African Diaspora Women Summit in Melbourne
      Mikakos outsources youth justice to Dominos (28.6.2017)
      Celebrating at RYAN's Reserve netball courts in Richmond
      In between two die hard Saints
      Visiting Kay Street Preschool in Traralgon
      Minister for Families and Children (9.8.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - flood mitigation (9.8.2017)
      North Road, Ormond, level crossing (9.8.2017)
      Victims of crime financial assistance (8.8.2017)
      Talking to business owners in Centre Road Bentleigh
      100 Years of Women in Victoria Police
      Opening at Fred's Happy Folk Cafe
      Southern Autistic School - Bentleigh (22.8.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Sky Tower at Ormond Station (22.8.2017)
      Australia Day (22.8.2017)
      Women in policing (22.8.2017)
      Crime prevention - Petitions (22.08.2017)
      Hon Fiona Richardson MP
      Member conduct - Rorting (6.9.2017)
      Crime prevention - Petitions (6.9.2017)
      National Child Protection Week (7.9.2017)
      Sentencing reform (21.9.2017)
      United We Stand
      Youth control orders (8.9.2017)
      Justice Legislation Amendment (Protective Services Officers and Other Matters) Bill 2017
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Sky Tower approval (19.9.2017)
      Crime (19.9.2017)
      Youth justice facilities (20.9.2017)
      Crime prevention - Petitions (20.9.2017)
      Lyme disease (21.9.2017)
      Southern Bayside cricket season launch
      Ladies Who Legislate
      Australia China Commercial Association lunch
      Helping to protect our suburbs
      Labor votes against public safety (18.10.2017)
      25th Anniversary of Carers Victoria
      A book called Smarty Pants, Kitty or Tiger?
      Vic Roads - car registration (17.10.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - parking at Ormond Station (17.10.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - truck curfew on Beach Road (20.10.2017)
      Aboriginal maternal and child health services (17.10.2017)
      Energy prices (19.10.2017)
      Domain railway station (31.10.2017)
      Early childhood education - State care (1.11.2017)
      Crime prevention - Petitions (1.11.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Height limits in Bentleigh (2.11.2017)
      Loads of fun at the Bentleigh Festival
      Oakleigh Glendi 2017
      Fines Reform Amendment Bill 2017
      Neighbourhood houses (28.11.2017)
      State care leavers (15.11.2017)
      Commemorating the 99th anniversary of Remembrance Day
      Glen Eira planning scheme amendment (15.11.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - the 624 Bus Service (14.11.2017)
      Energy prices (14.11.2017)
      Supporting the Alannah and Madeline Foundation
      Neighbourhood Houses need funding
      Parliamentary sitting hours (16.11.2017)
      Crime prevention - Petition (21.11.2017)
      Mandatory sentencing - Petition (28.11.2017)
      Graffiti (29.11.2017)
      Southern Metropolitan Region - Blackouts (29.11.2017)
      White Ribbon Day (29.11.2017)
      Murrumbeena Road level crossing removal project
      Sod turned at new South Melbourne Nursing home (29.08.2013)
      An extraordinary story from Brigitte Gabriel
      New David Jones store adds to Victoria's economy and prosperity (12.9.2013)
      Balaclava Station Makeover Underway
      Sandringham Kindergartens
      New citizens join in Australia Day celebrations in Albert Park
      Living Victoria - First Grant goes to Albert Park (26.07.2013)
      Healthy Together Victoria and the Geelong Cats (31.08.2013)
      Victorian Deaf Education Institute Now Officially Open
      2013 Ovarian Cancer Australia Afternoon Teal Appeal Launch
      McKinnon Secondary Students Take The 24 Hour Relay Challenge
      The Melbourne Franchise And Business Opportunities Expo
      Recognise The Signs Of Stroke FAST
      World Diabetes Day 14 November
      Parliamentary Committee In Geelong
      Georgie Attends Annual BreastScreen Victoria Event At Parliament House
      Backing Our Local Small Business
      Albert Park College Official Opening
      Mirabel Foundation Annual Christmas Drive
      The National Council Of Jewish Women Victoria Division 85th Anniversary Cocktail Party
      9th Caulfield Receives Government Grant To Upgrade Scout Hall
      Georgie Attends The Official Opening Of The New Lamm Library
      Georgie Attends World Health Day Forum
      National Volunteer Week 14 To 20 May 2012
      Largest Urban Renewal Area In Australia Begins Now
      State Government Serves Up Grant Boost For Li Ning Victorian Badminton
      Funding For Enhancements To Library Facilities In Oakleigh
      Innovative Social Housing Project For Port Melbourne
      New Sheridan Pavilion unveiled (28.07.2013)
      Jamie's Ministry of Food Kitchen (1.07.2013)
      Touring Construction Works at Ashwood College
      PSOs Out in Force at Oakleigh and Ormond Railway Stations
      Clean Up Australia Day
      New Inductees to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women
      Multi Million Dollar Reserve Upgrade Opens
      Australia's largest urban renewal precinct will drive a more liveable Melbourne (16.09.2013)
      Victorian innovations at Vision Australia Texpo (6.09.2013)
      Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness Centre Opening (20.9.2013)
      Thalassaemia and sickle cell disease seminar (20.9.2013)
      Sexual and Reproductive Health Plan for Melbourne's West (2.10.2013)
      Making smoothies for Mental Health Week (8.10.13)
      Taking action on World Sight Day (10.10.2013)
      BreaCan celebrates 10 years - launches Navigator (10.10.2013)
      New facilities at Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre (1.10.2013)
      Food and Fibre exports break historic records (16.10.2013)
      Is it Dementia? (17.10.2013)
      Oakleigh Police Station receives $316K upgrade
      PSOs on Elsternwick Station
      Living Victoria Fund grant to City of Monash for street tree watering trial
      Remembrance Day in Oakleigh
      Acknowledgement of the Anzac Centenary
      International Day of People with Disability
      White Ribbon Day - to end violence against women
      Retinopathy focus - Fred Hollows Foundation and International Diabetes Federation unite
      World Diabetes Congress
      Massive rail investment to benefit Oakleigh
      Australia Day - Citizens recognised by Glen Eira City Council
      Girls in Queen's Hall for International Women's Day
      Glen Huntly Primary School gets facility upgrade
      Pink Lady at the MCG
      PSOs patrolling more than 100 stations from 6pm until the last train - every night
      Launching the 'Cats Don't Smoke' app
      $15.1 million for mental health and police crisis response
      $14.1 million for disability care in Oakleigh
      Headspace in Hawthorn
      First Heart and Lung Transplant Victoria cycling challenge
      New Head Office for the Cancer Council Victoria
      'The Hen That Laid the Golden Omelette'
      Second Anniversary of PSOs at railway stations
      Community fruit trees and garden beds
      Working to improve dental health
      Recognising ANZAC women
      Oakleigh traders get help with graffiti removal
      Bayside Rail Project and Frankston line upgrade
      The ANZAC Centenary
      Rotary Women celebrating International Women's Day
      Australian Red Cross celebrates 100 birthday
      $36 million Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Caulfield
      New funding supports safer community facilities
      Melbourne leads dementia research
      Emergency services volunteer grants enhancing community protection
      CCTV cameras improve safety in Chapel Street
      Work begins on $250 million Monash Children's Hospital, creating more than 700 jobs
      Gay Pride March
      McAuley Community Services for Women
      Talking about homelessness
      Teal Ribbon Day - raising awareness of Ovarian cancer
      The 2015 Stonnington Gift
      Saying NO to family violence
      Northern Bay Guarantee - helping single parents
      Mother's Day Classic - tribute at Parliament House
      Seeds of Friendship sculpture unveiled
      Recognising Caulfield Primary School leadership
      Child and Youth Services Directory
      Melbourne's Water Future is in our hands (30.07.13)
      Technology Fund supports innovation in Victorian public hospitals (31.10.2014).
      Contract signed for long-term health study (4.11.2014)
      Oakleigh Primary School Kindergarten receives $6925 - just in time for term one (27.01.2014)
      The impact of FBT changes on the Victorian motor vehicle industry (27.08.13)
      FBT threats to health care and community sector workers in Southern Metropolitan Region (27.08.13)
      Retail Policy to Grow Victorian Jobs 17.01.2012
      $1 Million Public Safety Grants Announced 10.01.2012
      Southern Metropolitan Region Families Share Their Views on Healthy Eating 27.01.2012
      $310,000 to Engage! With Youth in the Oakleigh District 27.02.2012
      Coalition Funding Helps Light Up Packer Park 27.02.2012
      9th Caulfield Receives $50,000 to Update Scout Hall 05.03.2012
      New Program to Boost Jobs in St Kilda (17.04.2012)
      Local MP Encourages Schools to Enter Victorian Garden Awards (17.04.2012)
      Government Grant to Preserve History in Oakleigh - Carnegie (19.04.2012)
      $180,000 Playspace for Brickmakers Park (26.04.2012)
      State Government Serves Up $10,000 Boost For Li-Ning Victorian Badminton International (26.06.2012)
      Victorian Manufacturing to Share in $24.8 Million (27.06.2012)
      Largest Urban Renewal Project in Australia Begins Now (02.06.2012)
      Minister Announces First E-Smart Anti Bullying Schools For Glen Eira (08.06.2012)
      Victoria Public Housing Waiting List Falls (24.07.2012)
      Are you the designer of Youth Central Nnect logo? (24.07.2012)
      Innovative Social Housing Project for Port Melbourne (08.08.2012)
      MP Calls for Nominations for Arts Victoria Advisory Panel (08.08.2012)
      FReeZA Grant Round Now Open (08.08.2012)
      Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Awards 2012 Entries open (08.08.2012)
      Labors Plan to Add Hundreds More Units and Apartment Blocks to our Streets (29.08.2012)
      Coalition Boost for Youth Mental Health Services in Southern Suburbs (27.09.2012)
      $1.4 Million Housing Redevelopment in St Kilda (31.10.2012)
      $13 million social housing in South Melbourne 07.11.2012
      Georgie Crozier MLC Calls For Boost In Breastscreening Participation (07.11.2012)
      Oakleigh Shopping Precinct to Receive Grant to Help Remove and Prevent Graffiti (27.11.2012)
      State Labor and Greens Refuse to Stand Up for Our Hospitals (17.01.2013)
      Local young people invited to get Involved (20.02.2013)
      Georgie Welcomes Commitment to Chadstone TAFE Campus (12.03.2013)
      Multi Million Dollar Reserve Upgrade Opens (22.03.2013)
      Football Clubs to Receive Sports Uniform Funding (17.04.2013)
      $3,515 to Preserve War History in Carnegie (23.04.2013)
      Coalition Government Building for Growth in the Southern Metropolitan Region (08.05.2013)
      Oakleigh traders to reap the benefits of Streetlife (26.09.2013)
      Court is not a place for children (25.09.2013)
      Oakleigh company awarded $50,000 to explore technology benefits (27.09.2013)
      Small Business Day at Chelsea Village on Saturday, October 19 (27.09.2013)
      Significant legislative changes recommended by Committee (13.11.2013)
      Government acts against child grooming (11.12.2013)
      Latest grants support local creativity (15.12.2013)
      Murrumbeena Road level crossing removal moves one step closer (18.12.2013)
      Upgrade to Charman Road, Cheltenham pedestrian crossings (19.5.2014)
      $12 million to engage young people (23.06.2014)
      $25,000 grants to tackle local graffiti issues (6.05.2014)
      Monash Council performance survey under way (11.02.2014)
      Community to have its say on the Murrumbeena Road level crossing removal (18.02.2014)
      Protective Services Officers deployed to Carnegie station (24.02.2014)
      $450,000 for round three of Bully Stoppers grants (17.06.2014)
      Kilmore Hospital redevelopment full steam ahead (13.06.2014)
      Emerald Street units saved for community housing for elderly (5.06.2014)
      Massive rail investment to benefit Oakleigh (7.03.2014)
      First secondary school signs up for healthy eating (18.3.2014)
      Road safety upgrade for Grange Road in Carnegie (18.3.2014)
      Speed limit change in Kew will reduce confusion and increase safety (1.4.2014)
      No police stations will close under a Napthine Government (11.08.2014)
      Local Business receives grant to help solve technology challenge (9.09.2014)
      YMCA Victoria bans sugary drinks (11.09.2014)
      Work underway on new inner-city mental health service (29.08.2014)
      Three kindergartens receive over $14,000 in grants thanks to Napthine Government (12.09.2014)
      Healthy Together Latrobe Achievement Program - Moe update (10.10.2014)
      CCTV cameras improve safety in Chapel Street (28.10.2014)
      Victorian Government funds new kitchen for Krishnas (22.10.2014)
      $1.2 million commitment to upgrade Carnegie Primary School (29.10.2014)
      Coalition to deliver new Monash Heart Hospital (9.10.2014)
      Argyle Reserve Pavilion Redevelopment (28.10.2014)
      Coalition Government delivers $2 billion surplus for 2013-14 (15.10.2014)
      Work begins on $250 million Monash Children's Hospital, creating more than 700 jobs (15.06.2014)
      Major funding boost for Oakleigh sport (10.11.2014)
      Coalition will build a better Thompsons Road (5.11.2014)
      Hepatitis B and C (26.11.2013)
      Homebirth Services (27.11.2013)
      References (26.11.2013)
      Tobacco Amendment (Smoking In Outdoor Areas) Bill (12.06.2013)
      Auditor-General: Infection Prevention and Control in Public Hospitals (26.06.2013)
      Bubup Nairm Family and Children's Centre (26.06.2013)
      Budget: Health Initiatives (08.05.2013)
      Question: Royal Children's Hospital Kindergarten Program
      Tobacco Amendment (Shopper Loyalty Schemes) Bill 2012
      Mount Scopus Memorial College: Early Learning Centre
      Production of Documents: Victorian planning Zones Review
      Question: World Aids Day
      Road Safety Amendment: Operator Onus Bill
      National Council of Jewish Women of Australia: 85th anniversary
      Production of Documents: Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project
      Victoria Police: Report 2011 -12
      Tobacco Amendment (Smoking At Patrolled Beaches) Bill 2012
      Question: South Melbourne Housing Development
      Retail Leases Amendment Bill 2012
      Health Services: Government Performance
      Solariums Ban
      Elwood Secondary College: Learning Hub
      Question: Employment: Labour Force Data
      Di Sexton
      9th Caulfield Scout Group Murrumbeena Hall Refurbishment
      Hospitals: Government Performance
      Auditor General Report: Managing Major Projects
      Community Based Sentences (Transfer) Bill 2012
      Workforce Participation by People with a Mental Illness
      Auditor General Report: Energy Efficiency in the Health Sector
      Carbon Tax: Impact on Health Services
      Members Statement: &oth Anniversary of Kokoda
      Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors (14.08.2012)
      Greens Motion: Diesel Emissions and Health Studies (15.08.2012)
      Road Safety Amendment Bill 2012 (28.08.2012)
      Family Community & Development Committee: Opportunities for Participation from Victorian Seniors
      Production of Documents: Air Emission Study and Human Health Risk Assessment
      Port Phillip Planning Scheme Amendment (29.08.2012)
      Collaborative Care Cluster Australia: Launch
      Health (Commonwealth State Funding Arrangements) Bill 2012
      Report by Sinclair Knight Merz on the Effects of Carbon Pricing on Victoria's Hospitals
      Wills Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2012
      National Cyber Security Awareness Week
      Israel 64th Anniversary Function: Disruption by Protesters
      Prahran Mission: Winter Breakfast Program
      Gambling Legislation Amendment (Transition) Bill 2012
      Health Professions Registration (Repeal) Bill 2012
      Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre: Opening
      Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry: Report
      Wilson Street Kindergarten: expansion
      Royal Women's Hospital Land Bill 2012
      Greens Privacy Motion against the Minister for Water
      Ports and Environs Advisory Committee report: request for production of report
      Dental Health: Federal Funding
      Housing: our Voices Project
      Accident Compensation Amendment (Repayment of Dividends) Bill 2012
      International Student Information Day
      Organ Donation in Victoria
      Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Supply by Midwives) Bill 2012
      Greek National Day
      Greens Motion for the Tabling of Metlink's Network Revenue Protection Plan
      Wills Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2011
      Carers Recognition Bill 2012
      Abigroup Diversity Forum
      ALP Motion on the Ports and Environs Advisory Committee Report
      Greens Opposition to the Grand Prix
      City of Moreland: Planning Scheme Amendment C140
      Ombudsman: Investigation Into ICT-Enabled Projects
      Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
      Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club
      Planning: Bulky Goods Outlets
      Condolence Motion: Samuel John Everett Loxton, OBE
      Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Amendment Bill 2011
      Breast Cancer screening
      Walk in the Park Program
      Port Management Amendment (Port of Melbourne Corporation License Fee) Bill 2011
      Investigation Into Governance and Administration of Victorian Building Commission (06.02.2013)
      Retirement Villages Amendment (Information Disclosure) Bill 2012 (05.02.2013)
      Hospitals: Federal Funding (05.02.2013)
      Production of Documents: V/Line Rolling Stock Procurement Plan (06.02.2013)
      Question: HIV/AIDS Rapid Testing (06.02.2013)
      Planning and Environment Amendment (General) Bill 2012 (07.02.2013)
      Question: Federal Funding for Hospitals (19.02.2013)
      Auditor-General: Addressing Homelessness -- Partnerships and Plans (20.02.2013)
      Australian Grand Prix Corporation: Attendance Records (20.02.2013)
      Production of Documents: Potentially Contaminated Land Advisory Committee Report (20.02.2013)
      Protective Services Officers: Community Response (20.02.2013)
      Health Services Amendment (Health Purchasing Victoria) Bill 2012 (21.02.2013)
      Jury Directions Bill 2012 (05.03.2013)
      Question: Residential Planning Zones (05.03.2013)
      Auditor-General: Implementation of School Infrastructure Programs (06.03.2013)
      Production of Documents: Department of Transport Network Revenue Protection Plan (06.03.2013)
      Hospital Waiting Lists (06.03.2013)
      Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (06.03.2013)
      Question: Universal Access to Kindergarten Programs (19.03.2013)
      Minister for Health: Performance (20.03.2013)
      Victorian Honour Roll of Women Recipients (20.03.2013)
      Question: Vocational Education and Training Awards (21.03.2013)
      Major Sporting Events Amendment Bill 2013 (21.03.2013)
      Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Bill 2012 (16.04.2013)
      Production of Documents: East West Link Project (17.04.2013)
      Question: Governance of TAFE Institutes
      Crimes Amendment (Integrity in Sports) Bill 2013 (18.04.2013)
      Dementia and Driving in Victoria (18.04.2013)
      Workforce Participation by People With Mental Illness (08.05.2013)
      Corrections Further Amendment Bill (09.05.2013)
      Question: Biotechnology Convention
      Multiple Sclerosis: Kiss Good Buy to MS (29.05.2013)
      Question: Victorian Education Excellence Awards (30.05.2013)
      Budget papers 2013 - 2014 (30.05.2013)
      Local Government Federal Referendum: No (11.06.2013)
      Law Reform Committee: Sexting (12.06.2013)
      Ambulance Service: Government Performance (12.06.2013)
      Question: Information and Communications Technology - iAwards (13.06.2013)
      Marine (Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Application) Bill (13.06.2013)
      Anzac centenary (30.10.13)
      Production of Documents - Firefighters (30.10.13)
      Commission for Children and Young People: report 2012-13
      Liquor forums (29.10.13)
      Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Bill 2013.
      Plan Melbourne (31.10.2013)
      Tobacco Amendment Bill 2013
      Clinical ICT Systems in the Victorian Public Health Sector (13.11.2013)
      Remembrance Day (12.11.2013)
      Horace Petty estate - Question to the Minister for Housing (13.11.2013)
      Handling of child abuse by religious and other non-government organisations (13.11.2013)
      Disability Amendment Bill 2013
      World Diabetes Congress (10.12.2013)
      Marina Reserve, St Kilda, skate park (11.12.2013)
      Parks Victoria Report 2012-13
      Kids Under Cover (11.03.2014)
      Horace Petty public housing estate (12.06.2014)
      Oral health (11.06.2014)
      Level crossings (11.06.2014)
      Mentone Gardens aged-care facility (11.06.2014)
      Information and communications technology (11.06.2014)
      BUDGET PAPERS 2014-15
      Cats don't Smoke app (27.05.2014)
      Stonnington Gift (26.02.2015)
      Royal Commission Into Family Violence (26.02.2015)
      Hospital Beds (7.05.2014)
      Homelessness initiatives (7.05.2014)
      Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency performance (2.04.2014)
      Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency performance (7.05.2014)
      Heatwaves (7.05.2014)
      Development contributions reform (6.05.2014)
      Government Performance (11.02.2013)
      Department of Human Services: report 2012-13
      Justice Health Ministerial Advisory Council (12.12.2013)
      Mrs Coote (4.02.2014)
      Heatwaves (5.02.2014)
      Teachers (5.02.2014)
      Minister for Health (5.02.2014)
      St Kilda skate park (6.02.2014)
      Dementia Services (18.02.2014)
      Tomcar Australia (18.02.2014)
      Growth areas infrastructure (19.02.2014)
      Government financial management (19.02.2014)
      Social housing (10.06.2014)
      Education and Training Reform Amendment (Funding of Non-Government Schools) Bill 2014
      Carnegie and Murrumbeena level crossings (11.03.2014)
      Mental health emergency response (7.05.2014)
      Hazelwood Mine Fire (12.03.2014)
      PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS (12.03.2014)
      Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency performance (12.03.2014)
      Elsternwick Park golf project (13.03.2014)
      Public housing (13.03.2014)
      Shrine of Remembrance (24.03.2014)
      Child abuse inquiry recommendations (26.03.2014)
      Graffiti (1.04.2014)
      Oakleigh level crossings (24.06.14)
      Aboriginal affairs: report 2013
      Women's football (25.06.2014)
      World War I centenary (5.8.2014)
      Smoking regulation (5.8.2014)
      Graffiti (6.8.2014)
      Department of Education and Early Childhood Development: report 2012-13
      Gaza conflict (7.08.2014)
      Australian Red Cross centenary (19.08.2014)
      Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - report 2012-13
      East-west link (2.09.2014)
      Senior Victorians (2.09.2014)
      Auditor-General: Coordinating Public Transport (3.09.2014)
      Fishermans Bend development (4.09.2014)
      Transport initiatives (16.09.2014)
      Health infrastructure (16.09.2014)
      Margaret Court Arena (15.10.2014)
      Graffiti (18.09.2014)
      Ebola virus disease (18.09.2014)
      Housing (14.10.2014)
      Community pharmacy in Victoria (14.10.2014)
      Transport infrastructure (15.10.2014)
      Health initiatives (16.10.2014)
      Cage Fighting (10.2.2015)
      Level Crossings (11.2.2015) Reply (5.5.2015)
      Cage Fighting (12.2.2015)
      Mcauley Community Services For Women (24.2.2015)
      $16.1 million cut to family violence services in 2015-16
      Budget Update: Report 2014-15
      Summary Offences Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2015
      Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment (Veterans Reform) Bill 2015
      Maintenance during major events (18.03.2015)
      Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - report 2013-14
      Cage fighting (18.03.2015)
      Victorian Honour Roll of Women event - (19.03.2015)
      International Women's Day - (19.03.2015)
      Royal Commission into Family Violence (14.04.2015)
      Education and Training Reform Amendment (Child Safe Schools) Bill 2015
      Limitation of Actions Amendment (Child Abuse) Bill 2015
      Australian-Turkish memorial sculpture (14.04.2015)



Betrayal of Trust


I had the honour as Chair of the Family and Community Development Committee to table the Report 'Betrayal of Trust' in the Victorian Parliament on November 13, 2013.

This Report was a result of the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations conducted by the Family and Community Development Committee. 

Premier Dr Denis Napthine said, "this is a significant and historic Inquiry and the first of its kind in Australia. The Committee has delivered an outstanding report with 15 very important recommendations."


To read more about the Inquiry, including the Report and tabling speeches by Members of the Committee click here.


Tabling the Report "Betrayal of Trust.'  

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