Accident outside McKinnon Secondary College (11.6.2015)

Written on the 4 August 2015


Southern Metropolitan Region

11 June 2015


Constituency questions 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

I raise this issue with the minister because there was a serious accident outside McKinnon Secondary College just last week.

t was reported in the press that due to increased traffic around the secondary college unfortunately a student was hit at the time of pick-up.

I heard the secondary college principal, Ms Pitsa Binnion, on radio 3AW earlier this week talking about the expected increase in enrolments from about 1100 to around 1900 students.

Clearly there will be an increase in demand.

I therefore ask the minister to ensure that the safety of McKinnon Secondary College students and the safety concerns of parents are addressed.


04 August 2015



Answers to Constituency Questions  GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB) 

Directed to:                 Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Asked on:                    11 June 2015



I am sorry to hear that a McKinnon Secondary College student was recently hit by a car outside the school. I wish the student well with their recovery.

The McKinnon Secondary College is located on McKinnon Road, which is a local road managed by the Glen Eira City Council.

Traffic management on McKinnon Road is therefore a matter for the Council to consider in consultation with the school.

I understand that there is a 40 km speed limit restriction on McKinnon Road in the vicinity of McKinnon College, and a supervised school crossing to the west of the intersection of Osborne Avenue.


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