ADJOURNMENT - Boroondara Neighbourhood Houses (21.3.2019)

Written on the 21 March 2019


Southern Metropolitan



Thursday, 21 March 2019


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  

My adjournment matter this evening is to the minister responsible for neighbourhood houses, Minister Donnellan, and it relates to neighbourhood houses requiring funding in the City of Boroondara.
Acting President Melhem, you, like members across the chamber, understand and value the work and the programs that are undertaken in neighbourhood houses, especially for the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our communities.

Many neighbourhood houses provide different programs to really support many people, reaching out to those people who have a range of needs.

In Boroondara, I am pleased to say, there are more than 6000 participants that attend programs in neighbourhood houses throughout the city, and they are connected with other community facilities. They have various programs, including health and wellbeing programs, creative pursuits and language and technology classes, as well as providing work skills to many of the residents and citizens of Boroondara city. Two of the neighbourhood houses in Boroondara also have men's sheds. So there are many, many advantages, as we know. In Boroondara there are actually 11 neighbourhood houses, but only seven of those are funded; four are not.

Last year, as the house will recall, there was a campaign to provide the necessary funding for neighbourhood houses across the state to continue to operate. The four that are not funded in Boroondara are Camberwell Community Centre, Balwyn Community Centre, Ashburton Community Centre and Trentwood at the Hub.

It is fairly evident, with the numbers that are going through the neighbourhood houses and the participants that are undertaking the programs, that support is provided with a range of programs, as I said, and it is being provided inclusively to so many citizens and members of the community in Boroondara that these four remaining houses that require funding should receive it.

So the action I seek is for the minister to provide that funding in the upcoming budget to ensure that those four neighbourhood houses I mentioned have the required funding so that they can continue to operate and provide services to so many members of the Boroondara community.

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