ADJOURNMENT - Hospital Cladding Removal (30.4.2019)

Written on the 30 April 2019

Hospital Cladding Removal



Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Southern Metropolitan


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Health.

It is in relation to the very serious issue that has been highlighted to all Victorians in recent months around our cladding, and in particular cladding on hospitals.

This of course became a very large issue when the Neo200 apartment building on Spencer Street caught fire in February of this year. It was a very alarming sight for people to see what occurred and those residents that were removed from that particular building, and others have now raised concerns about their own residential homes.

Equally, hospitals have also been caught up in this cladding issue. In February of this year the Victorian planning minister, Mr Wynne, said that removing flammable cladding from a variety of high-risk buildings in Melbourne will be a 'complex problem which will take some time to fix properly.'

I note that in the Reviewing Health Services Buildings fact sheet of December 2017 the Department of Health and Human Services audited more than 1100 health service and related buildings to check for non-compliant cladding. The review found that it was on nine hospital buildings, and more extensive assessments were being conducted on another 11 hospital buildings.

Those nine hospitals that were highlighted were the Royal Women's Hospital, Werribee Mercy Hospital, the SN extension building at Casey Hospital, the subacute building at Casey Hospital, Monash Medical Centre block A at Clayton, the acute services building at Sunshine Hospital, sections of the block F building at Frankston Hospital, the north wing expansion at Royal Melbourne Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital building A. There were a further 11 other sites that were also having detailed assessments taking place.

This review in December 2017 said that they needed to be 'further investigated' and 'are being publicly released to ensure complete transparency.'

So whilst there are concerns around residential towers, there are also concerns around hospitals. I note that this review says:

The department is working closely with the Victorian Cladding Taskforce to make sure its strategy for removing non-compliant cladding across health service buildings is consistent with the broader state-wide strategy.


The action I am seeking from the minister is to provide an update on which hospitals have had dangerous cladding removed and whether the 11 remaining hospitals have had their assessment undertaken and any dangerous cladding also removed.

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