ADJOURNMENT - Portland Hospital Patient (1.5.2019)

Written on the 1 May 2019

1 May 2019




Georgie CROZIER Southern Metropolitan -  My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Health.

I know she was in the chamber just before the adjournment debate started. I hope she is still in Parliament House, or that her advisers are listening, if not the minister, because this is an urgent matter, and I will be emailing her straight after this as well.

The minister's office was notified by phone and by email about a patient, Mr Bill Storer, who has been in an emergency care bed in Portland for the past five days. His sister called the minister's office, as she is a registered nurse and like me understands what may occur to Mr Storer if he does not receive the specialist intervention in Melbourne or Geelong that he has been advised to have by his Portland doctors. Mr Storer is in an emergency care bed in Portland, as I mentioned. He has a blockage in his coeliac trunk. His sister, in the email to the minister's office, has said, and I quote:


"obviously if this blocks completely he would likely lose his bowel, or worse. I believe this is very time sensitive, given that he has been getting steadily worse over the last five days."


Mr Storer has been told that there are no beds available in either Melbourne or Geelong for him to be able to access that intervention from specialists that he requires.

The action I seek from the minister isand it is an urgent actionthat she ensures that a bed is made available tonight so that Mr Storer can receive that urgent intervention that he requires.


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