BreaCan celebrates 10 years - launches Navigator (10.10.2013)

Written on the 10 October 2013

BreaCan celebrates 10 years - launches Navigator (10.10.2013)

As part of the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of BreaCan, I joined the Minister for Health, David Davis - a long time supporter of BreaCan and the BreaCan team at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre to launch the new BreaCan Navigator.

The BreaCan Navigator is an information resource aimed at women who have been diagnosed with early breast cancer. It is a stepping stone to finding quality current information on a range of breast cancer related topics from reputable sources.

When faced with a diagnosis or early breast cancer, there may be things women want more information about in order to understand what’s happening, or they may need information in order to make informed decisions.

To save having to search through the vast amount of material available on the net, the BreaCan Navigator takes the work out of this stressful experience, providing good quality, evidence-based, current resources from reputable providers under a list of topics.

The Navigator is divided into separate sections. For instance you can search in the first section for links to key organisations related to the topic. The next section leads you to links for a good selection of online resources. The offline resources section highlights some of the best available literature resources on the topics. The personal stories section directs you to websites containing personal stories both written and in video format about people’s experiences of surgery for breast cancer, including blogs and online forums. And finally there is a section with suggested questions you may want to ask a health professional about the topic.

The Navigator has come about through BreaCan’s involvement in the Victorian Government Cancer Survivorship Program, pilot project; “The Survivorship Program for Patients Completing Definitive Early Breast Cancer Treatment.”

This is a collaborative project between the combined Breast Service of the Royal Women’s Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital, BreaCan, Western Health and the Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local.

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