Budget: Health Initiatives (08.05.2013)

Written on the 20 May 2013

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- I would like to make a comment and congratulate the Napthine government on the budget it handed down yesterday. I especially congratulate the Treasurer, Michael O'Brien, who delivered a responsible budget that will ensure a growing economy, growing employment and growing surpluses that will provide for major new infrastructure. In particular I would like to congratulate the government on its initiatives in a number of areas in health care -- which I think all Victorians will benefit from -- including the Monash Children's hospital, which will deliver 230 paediatric beds to services in growing populations in the south-eastern area of Melbourne and parts of south-eastern Victoria. It will also service my area of Southern Metropolitan Region, which is home to many children and parents who may need to utilise that hospital service.


In addition, there were some significant announcements, despite what the opposition has said, in relation to initiatives that will affect all Victorians, including those in northern Victoria. I remind members that Bendigo Hospital is a new, $630 million hospital that will be built to service people in northern Victoria, which will be a huge benefit to them. In addition, $62 million will be allocated over four years to provide for service options for Aboriginal Victorians, and $22.2 million will be allocated over four years to provide health care for refugees and asylum seekers settling in Victoria.


This is new money going into very important areas. The budget has delivered for all Victorians.

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