Caring Mums (23.03.2016)

Written on the 3 May 2016

23 March 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence.

Like many members, I am looking forward to the findings of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which will hand down its report next Tuesday. I understand the work it has done over the last 15 months, and I do hope that the additional time it was allowed will be sufficient for it to have undertaken this significant inquiry into the many, many issues that are faced in relation to the family violence scenario in Victoria.

One of the things I hear about when I am going around the state and talking to many organisations and agencies and indeed many people who have been directly affected by family violence is the issue of early intervention. I come across a number of organisations, and I recently spoke with an organisation that I had great pleasure in assisting with its launch some time ago.

The Caring Mums program is being supported by the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Victoria) and the National Council of Women of Victoria. It is essentially a preventative program for women at risk, such as those with postnatal depression and those who may have been the subject of all manner of circumstances, including family violence. One of the things that the Caring Mums program does is to give support to first-time parents, reducing the incidence of postnatal depression but also highlighting and identifying other areas required for support, such as women who have been subjected to family violence.

I note from a media release put out this morning by the Premier and the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence that there has been some immediate funding made available to meet demand. That demand has been ongoing for quite some time, and services have been calling for money. The organisation I am speaking about, Caring Mums, is looking for some money to service many of those culturally diverse women that it is coming across in its program. I note that there is $2 million in the funding announced today to support culturally diverse communities.

My action for the minister is that consideration be given to Caring Mums being able to access some of that funding. Caring Mums is delivering programs in the culturally diverse communities that this funding is allocated to, and I look forward to the program receiving some of that funding so that it can continue with its very important work.

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