Centre Road, Bentleigh - level crossing (10.6.2015)

Written on the 29 June 2015


Centre Road, Bentleigh, level crossing

10 June 2015



Adjournment  GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, who has responsibility for level crossing removal across the state. I note Mr Davis's adjournment contribution referred to congestion on Toorak Road and the suggestion that that level crossing should be much higher on the priority list than the government has currently placed it.

I have raised on a number of occasions my concerns surrounding the removal of the Centre Road level crossing in Bentleigh. Whilst I welcome the removal, it is a large project, and it requires proper consultation so that those who will be impacted by the removal can have a proper understanding of what will be delivered and what will happen. The handing out of pamphlets by Public Transport Victoria officials, or whoever they were, is hardly a consultation process. It does not provide an adequate explanation of what will happen to those businesses, which will be severely impacted upon by the removal. I spoke to the operator of one such business, which had been in operation for 31 years, and asked him about the consultation he had had. He said, 'Not very much; I got a pamphlet'. When I asked him what he thought it meant to his business, he said he would probably have to shut down.

This is a concerning aspect of the program that is being undertaken. I note that the level crossing removal project website states:

Community engagement will be carried out at Centre, North and McKinnon roads over the coming months, with construction to start later this year. This consultation will start with an information booth at Bentleigh station and McKinnon station in the afternoon of 20 May

As I have just highlighted, and I know this from speaking with traders and others, that is not the case. They are concerned about the impacts on their businesses. Therefore I ask the minister to provide a time frame for when proper and appropriate consultation will take place so that those traders impacted upon can put in proper planning for the future of their businesses and have some understanding and certainty regarding the impact of that particular level crossing at Centre Road.


18 August 2015

COUNCIL  Written Adjournment Responses  GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB) 

Raised with:    Minister for Public Transport

Raised by:       Ms Crozier

Raised on:       10 June 2015



The level crossing at Centre Road is being removed at the same time as North Road in Ormond and McKinnon Road in McKinnon. The contract has been awarded to John Holland and KBR and construction on all three projects will start late 2015, with some early works to prepare the sites in the coming months.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) has a number of strategies to engage the community including:

  Carrying out an online survey in March/April 2015 to understand the community's thoughts and experiences, with opportunity to leave additional feedback at the end of the survey, the results of which were provided to the government and project teams to help develop the designs.

  A pop-up information booth at Bentleigh, McKinnon and Ormond stations in May 2015, handing out information and talking to the community.

  Regularly sending out brochures to the community, with contact details for people to email, phone or write in with their questions or feedback.

  Door knocking residents and businesses directly abutting the project sites, with the first of these for Centre Road completed in May 2015.

  Holding a community forum in Bentleigh on 29 July 2015, hosted by the LXRA and attended by the Local MP, the project team and 400 community members who were able to learn about the project, ask questions and provide feedback.

  Ongoing meetings with relevant key stakeholders including Council, local traders, businesses, sporting clubs and schools.

  A project Stakeholder Liaison Group, run by the LXRA in conjunction with Local MPs, will join with representatives from the construction Alliance and members of the local community including local traders' associations, active community residents, Local Councils, and surrounding stakeholders such as schools, hospitals, major business and impacted sporting clubs; serving as a forum for local community members and stakeholders to raise questions and discuss construction progress.

Our aim is to engage the community throughout the project, to ensure the outcome suits the needs of the local area and to minimise construction impacts as much as possible. We will notify residents and businesses in advance when we are planning disruptive activities and work with them to develop mitigation strategies.

The level crossing at Toorak Road in Kooyong is on the Government's list of 50 and will be removed over the next eight years. A timeline has not yet been confirmed for the construction of this project.


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