Centre Road, Bentleigh - level crossing removal and parking (3.05.2016)

Written on the 4 May 2016


3 May 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is to the minister responsible for public transport and the removal of level crossings.

It relates to the reduction in parking spaces at Bentleigh railway station on Centre Road in Bentleigh.

I note from previous questions that I have asked the minister in relation to level crossing removals that she has come back in a number of answers saying that the coalition did not support the removal of level crossings, which is completely and utterly ludicrous since it was the coalition that undertook, budgeted for and planned for a number of rail-under-road level crossing removals, such as at North Road in Ormond.

However, as I said, this particular matter that I want to raise with the minister relates to the Bentleigh area. It is concerning that a number of traders along that shopping strip have been severely affected. One of my constituents, who is one of the traders there, has spoken about a huge reduction in parking spaces. His particular retail outlet provides paint, and of course those containers can be very heavy, so being able to carry containers of paint to a car or truck is very important for his consumers accessing those goods. With the reduction of parking spaces consumers have had to park some distance away, and due to the effect of having to park so far away he has had a severe reduction in trade.

The action I seek from the minister is to provide to me with information in relation to any surveys that were conducted of the impacts of parking at that particular rail station and along the parking strip where it is taken up by workers working on the level crossing removal, whether a survey was undertaken prior to the commencement of the project or during the project and what the results of the survey were on the impact of a reduction of parking on the traders within that particular shopping precinct.

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