CFA enterprise bargaining agreement - UFU takeover (8.6.2016)

Written on the 9 June 2016

8 June 2016


Members statements 


GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

The Premier's determination to support the United Firefighters Union (UFU) despite support for the Country Fire Authority (CFA) from the Minister for Emergency Services, Jane Garrett, the CFA's CEO, Lucinda Nolan, the CFA board and importantly the CFA volunteers demonstrates a government with deep divisions.

Government members were out on the front steps of the Parliament yesterday in support of the UFU members and not one government member appeared in support of CFA volunteers at a rally on Sunday. This clearly demonstrates the priorities of this government. It is all about power, control and supporting the union, which after all helped Labor win government in 2014.

The Premier backs the UFU and CFA agreement recommended by Fair Work commissioner Julius Roe, which includes payment of drivers licence fees, a $125 sports voucher every year, payment of ambulance fees, a prohibition on part-time employment, a prohibition on having volunteers and professional firefighters in the same truck, a condition that any adverse report in an employee's file must be removed from their records after 12 months, a prohibition on redundancy, both compulsory and voluntary and the list goes on.

Why would the Premier not back Julius Roe? After all he has previously proclaimed that he has changed from an idealistic anarchist position to a Marxist position and he is a strong supporter of unions. When he was president of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, he said:

Unless we grow we will have declining capacity to influence political outcomes, including the policies of the Australian Labor Party.


It is clear where the Premier wants this decision to go and that is a union takeover of the CFA.

Otherwise why would he not respect the concerns of the CFA and his minister and take a stand and support the CFA?

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