Child gender transitioning (19.9.2018)

Written on the 21 September 2018

19 September 2018



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is directed to the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, and it relates to the government's position on parental responsibility when their child is transitioning from one gender to another.

I know this has been raised in the media and in various circles within our community, but it has also been raised directly with me by a number of concerned parents. I have been told that the Victorian Labor government's approach will be the same as in the national Labor Party's manifesto, where it states, and I quote:


A parent of a child transitioning who disagrees with the child's approach can be deemed to be an act of family violence.

Labor will:

Ensure that child protection authorities acknowledge attempts to "cure" Same-Sex Attracted or Gender Questioning children and young people as serious psychological abuse; and

Acknowledge these harms, when suffered within the family, as domestic violence against the child.


Families and parents are very concerned that the love of that child, no matter who it is, could be subjected to a criminal charge.

Therefore on behalf of those parents out there who are somewhat confused in relation to what the government's approach is and what it might do, the action I seek is for clarification from the minister as to the Andrews Labor government's approach towards parental rights and responsibilities when a child is transitioning and whether in fact a parent who has concerns or does not agree with the child's view toward their gender may be subjected to the criminal codes of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008.

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