Child protection (10.12.2015)

Written on the 11 December 2015

10 December 2015




Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  

Before I raise my adjournment matter, I also take this opportunity to wish all the parliamentary staff and my colleagues a very happy and safe Christmas, as other members have also done.

My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Families and Children, and I am glad she is here in the chamber. It relates to the current $241 000 review being undertaken into the department's external reporting processes of objectives, indicators and state budget outputs measures for which the minister is responsible. I have repeatedly asked for information on a number of areas of public interest that should be made available.

In particular I refer to issues including the number of category 1 incidents, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children attending three and four-year-old kindergarten in each Victorian local government area, the list of new community playgroups that have received government funding, the cost of the ministerial advisory committee providing advice on foster care, the number of children in child protection who were not allocated to a child protection worker, the total number of child protection reports received each month, the number children who were the subject of a child protection report requiring an immediate response visited within two days, and the number of personnel employed by the Department of Health and Human Services in child protection services.


The action I seek is that the review currently being undertaken by the minister's office address the parliamentary reporting shortfalls for which she has responsibility.

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