CONSTITUENCY QUESTION - SMR - Buruli Ulcer (7.3.2019)

Written on the 7 March 2019

Southern Metropolitan Region -  Buruli ulcer

Thursday, 7 March 2019


Georgie Crozier MP


MS CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - My question is to the Minister for Health, and it relates to the Buruli ulcer.

Reports that have been recently talking about the Buruli ulcer have been from Baysidein Brighton and Black Rock. I know the Buruli ulcer fairly well because my father had one a few years ago, so he is part of the statistics that have been reported in recent years.

In 2015 there were 107 reported cases; in 2016, 182 cases; in 2017, 275 cases; and in 2018 there were 340 cases. This very nasty ulceration that occurs is becoming more and more prevalent, as the statistics indicate.

I understand that the federal government has put a significant amount of funding into research and clinical trials to target the Buruli ulcer, but I ask the minister to provide an update on what the department is doing to track the Buruli ulcer and what prevention measures they are putting in place to help alleviate much suffering from this very nasty disease.

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