CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONS - SMR - Tooronga Level Crossing (19.3.2019)

Written on the 19 March 2019


Tuesday, 19 March 2019



Ms GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  - My constituency question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and relates to the safety of the level crossing at Tooronga.

I have met with and spoken to the principals of Bialik College and Auburn High School, who are both extremely concerned about the safety of their students. I understand that the Auburn South Primary School principal has also raised concerns.

Of particular concern to them is the gridlock of traffic when gates are down, including cars being caught between the pedestrian crossing and the train, causing numbers of people, including children, to jaywalk as a result; an unusual right-hand turn which traps cars on the train lines; a double lane that merges into one lane; and the lack of any infrastructurelights, footpath or a crossingon Carroll Crescent. Bialik College will be expanding to include a new creche in July and is particularly concerned about the safety of young mothers with babies and toddlers trying to cross at Tooronga Road.

So I ask: could the minister please provide an explanation as to when the Tooronga level crossing is to be listed for removal, or if it is not, when will this area be upgraded and made safe for the hundreds of children who use the crossing every day?

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