Dalidakis Deserts Small Business (27.6.2016)

Written on the 27 June 2016


Monday 27 June 2016


Reports that small businesses in McKinnon, Bentleigh and Ormond have lost more than $1 million combined because of the disruptions caused by the level crossing removals, is compounded by Labor's indifference to their losses.

We all agree that removing level crossings is important.  Both the former and current governments have had programs to remove level crossings.

But an important part of the planning is to ensure local small business owners don't go broke during the construction.

Unfortunately many of these small business owners have closed their doors or are refinancing their homes to avoid losing their business.

Instead of offering these small business owners a solution, Philip Dalidakis has been patronising them by suggesting they can join the government's mentoring program.

These small business people don't need mentoring, they know how to successfully run a business.  What they need is a support package to get them through this period where they have no customers coming through the door because of the intensive construction.  

The problem is Daniel Andrews appointed someone as Minister for Small Business who has no experience or background in small business.  Instead of trying to assist these small businesses, Philip

Dalidakis has abandoned them.    

Philip Dalidakis needs to spend less time travelling overseas and more time on the ground helping small business.

The bullying of local small businesses by his office is typical of the way Daniel Andrews runs his government.


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