Daniel Andrews sidelines Fiona Richardson (18.8.2016)

Written on the 18 August 2016




Thursday 18 August 2016


Daniel Andrews sidelines Fiona Richardson


Daniel Andrews has bullied another female Minister, showing once again that he is a petty and nasty payback merchant.

Reports that Fiona Richardson, the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, has had 220 of the 227 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence taken off her by Daniel Andrews, is more evidence of the Premier's habit of disrespecting female colleagues. 
When ABC's Australian Story did a feature piece on Fiona Richardson earlier this year, you couldn't safely stand between Daniel Andrews and the television cameras.  

Daniel Andrews was happy to use Fiona Richardson and her family for base political gain but now that she appears to be of less value to him, he has sidelined her in favour of his right-hand man, Gavin Jennings.
It's becoming patently clear that Daniel Andrews has a problem with strong women and that when he waxes lyrical about equality, he is nothing but a garden variety hypocrite.

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