Dementia Services (18.02.2014)

Written on the 28 February 2014

Raised with: Minister for Ageing

Raised by: Ms Crozier

Raised on: 17 October 2013



Thank you for drawing attention to this issue. As you indicate, there are people with dementia who live alone, without a family or friend carer.

The Victorian government funds $10.5 million for the cognitive dementia and memory service (CDAMS) clinics around the state for people with possible memory loss. Once a person has been in touch with a CDAMS clinic, and received a diagnosis of dementia, they can be referred to other services to support them to live well and healthily at home for as long as possible.

Referrals may be to Alzheimer's Australia Vic (AAV). The Victorian government funds AAV $3.3 million, to support people with dementia and their carers, and to educate workforces, health professionals and volunteers that support people with dementia.

Or referrals may be to the joint commonwealth-Victorian governments funded home and community care program (HACC) that can support individuals with dementia to live well at home.

As part of our support for people with dementia to move freely within their local communities, the Victorian government is supporting the development of dementia friendly environments and precincts, for example in local councils, and local business and shopping strips. The dementia friendly space in the Melbourne town hall, the hub of the recent Seniors Festival, is one such example. Signage and lighting assisted people with cognitive impairment to move within the town hall, and get where they wanted to go. The recent AAV resource that you highlight, 'Is it dementia?' will be a useful tool in supporting a dementia friendly and aware community, and various business and service organisations.


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