Di Sexton

Written on the 13 November 2012

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- There are many people who have given great service to their communities and their vocations. I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge someone who has given tremendous dedication and service to her vocation.


In 1952 Di Sexton commenced her nursing career -- that is, 60 years ago. Over that period of time there have been many advancements in health-care delivery. In 1972 Di commenced working at Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, the private hospital of the then Queen Victoria Hospital, located in Lonsdale Street. The private hospital later moved to its current location at Monash Medical Centre.


Di undertook various leadership and specialist roles at Jessie McPherson, including clinical nurse specialist and infection control representative, before she eventually returned to a hands-on midwifery role, caring for mothers and their newborns.


Despite the advancements in health-care delivery in recent decades, many of the skills that midwifery requires remain the same. Over the years Di has come into contact with countless numbers of women, babies and their families and provided care in those very important first few hours and days of a baby's life. It is no surprise that such dedication to her career and vocation has seen Di nominated twice for midwife of the year and considered a legend within Monash Medical Centre. This year she was recognised for 40 years of continuous service to the Jessie McPherson Private Hospital. She is a wonderful example of devotion to her vocation and an example to many young midwives and health-care professionals.


Congratulations, Di Sexton on a remarkable and devoted nursing and midwifery career.

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