Electoral Matters Committee: conduct of 2014 Victorian state election (8.6.2016)

Written on the 9 June 2016

8 June 2016


Statements on reports and papers 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


That is a hard act to follow. I am pleased to again be able to speak to the report Inquiry into the conduct of the 2014 Victorian state election, which was conducted by the Electoral Matters Committee.

The report of the inquiry was tabled in May of this year. I spoke in the last sitting week about certain aspects that were highlighted in the report, and I suppose as we are only a couple of weeks away from the federal election, and pre-poll voting starts on Monday, this is all very relevant.

This report highlights the impact of early voting on Victorian elections, and the report makes some really interesting points. Specifically it states that 26 per cent of Victorian electors voted in person before the election date. As someone standing on the pre-poll, I saw the people who came through. The report highlights that people are able to vote early, but I would have to say that I am not completely sure that the Victorian community is adhering to the regulations, if you like, about who can vote early.

This report indicates that 912 000 Victorians voted in person before election day, representing a 67 per cent increase on early voting in person compared to the 2010 Victorian state election. In just four years there was that 67 per cent increase, which amounted to 1.2 million Victorians voting before election day.

I think this has got some significant impacts. But again, I am not sure that those 1.2 million perhaps had a legitimate reason as outlined in the legislation as to how people are able to vote early. So I just think that is a really interesting point to make in relation to what is happening, how our voting intentions are perhaps changing and how people are wanting to cast their vote at an earlier point.

I will go back to another area of concern that was also raised, and I raised it in my previous contribution, which was around

Ms Lovell interjected.

Ms CROZIER Yes, I am. I am talking about the importance of elections and about how many people voted early in the 2014 state election and, as we are coming into a federal election, how that will impact the federal election. I have no doubt it will.

One of the areas I spoke of last time was that activity on the pre-polls of the union members, particularly those members of the United Firefighters Union (UFU), the paramedics, Trades Hall

Ms Mikakos Yes, the paramedics would want you. They had a lot to say about you.

Ms CROZIER Really? Why don't you say it in the house, Ms Mikakos?

Ms Mikakos They had a lot to say about you.

Ms CROZIER Well, why don't you say it right here and now?

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Finn) Order! Through the Chair!

Ms CROZIER Ms Mikakos is making some ridiculous allegations. The paramedics, the firefighters union, the Trades Hall workers on the Bentleigh pre-poll

Ms Mikakos interjected.

Ms CROZIER Well, say it!

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Finn) Order! Through the Chair!

Ms CROZIER Through the Chair, I am just trying to get Ms Mikakos to put on the record what the paramedics said about me on the pre-poll.

I have got plenty to say about them, let me tell you. I have got plenty to say about those militant union members, whether they were paramedics, teachers, nurses or firefighters on the Bentleigh pre-poll plenty to say about them. Their behaviour was disgraceful, and it is covered by this report. There were people in this inquiry who gave evidence that highlighted and backed up exactly the experience that happened in Bentleigh. It was a disgrace.

I bet half of those firefighters were out on the steps yesterday. Where was Frank? Where was Jacob? Where was Dave?

All those firefighters I knew so well because I spent so much jolly time with them they would have been out there yesterday voting for your government to disband our CFA volunteers.

Ms Mikakos, you are a member of this government that is a disgrace in selling out our CFA volunteers you and your support of your union mates. These people got you into government. Those firefighters, all those trade union officials, Trades Hall it was all there in the pre-poll. It was all there.

Ms Mikakos interjected.

Ms CROZIER Ms Mikakos, I have got a brother who is a 25-year member

Mr Ondarchie On a point of order, Acting President, I am having trouble hearing Ms Crozier because of the constant interjections by Ms Mikakos, and I was just seeking to know if Mr Jennings has actually given Ms Mikakos permission to speak.

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Finn) Order! Well, I cannot possibly imagine what the answer to that might be. But I see that Ms Crozier has 2 seconds left. This will have to be good.

Ms CROZIER It is. I know plenty about the CFA because I have got family members who have spent a lot more time than Ms Mikakos will ever know.


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