Energy prices (19.10.2017)

Written on the 19 October 2017



Thursday, 19 October 2017

GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)


What a shocking indictment of the Andrews government that too many Victorians are struggling to pay for their energy bills, and too many are accessing financial relief because they cannot afford to pay their utility bills. Under Daniel Andrews, despite the increase in taxes of over 20 per cent, the cost of living is skyrocketing. Victorians are rightly questioning: why would a government shut down a part of our energy supply, Hazelwood, with no immediate plan to replace that baseload requirement?

Daniel Andrews is denying Victorians a fair go by his actions and his policy decisions, and putting the livelihood and livability of thousands of Victorians at risk. What is more, he is not only a risk but he has no answers, just rhetoric and blame. Victorians need more than rhetoric and the excuse of blaming others; they need solutions to this energy crisis that Daniel Andrews has created. All Victorians should be very alarmed that, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator, Victoria is already facing a 50 per cent drop in gas supply by 2021 that is just a little over three years away which would result in more shortages and even higher energy prices. The ineptitude of the Andrews government in failing to understand the impacts of their policies such as a 40 per cent Victorian renewable energy target, shutting down Hazelwood and importing gas from other jurisdictions is extraordinary.

In contrast I, like many of my colleagues, have been out speaking to businesses and families, understanding that their energy bills are only going one way and that is up. This is putting pressure on their ability to keep their businesses operating and people employed and pay for their everyday costs. I am pleased to be part of the coalition. If elected, under a Guy government onshore conventional gas exploration not fracking would occur, making gas in Victoria more affordable.

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