Family Violence - Safe Futures Foundation (13.04.2016)

Written on the 3 May 2016


Family violence

13 April 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


The matter that I would like to raise this evening is for the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, and of course I welcome the announcement today by the government of the family violence package. The coalition has expressed on numerous occasions its support for doing whatever we can to tackle the very serious issue of family violence.

Of course we had the royal commission report last week, and one of the areas that I want to raise with the minister is around the use of technology to keep women and children safe, particularly when we are looking at women remaining in their homes. I know that the royal commission looked at various areas around people remaining safe in their homes. There were a number of initiatives undertaken by the former coalition government, including a GPS trial which the Andrews government immediately discontinued when it came to government, which was unfortunate.

But I was pleased last December when it was announced by the government that the Safe Futures Foundation would lead a consortium in undertaking a pilot personal safety initiative in metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria. Throughout that pilot 70 women will test how technological interventions can be used to improve the safety of those experiencing family violence. I know there are a number of companies and devices on the market. In fact a couple of weeks ago I met with representatives of a company which is leading the way in technological devices in this regard. They have got a number of countries using these GPS tracking and monitoring devices on both women and perpetrators to enable them to have a safer existence. The results in one particular European country indicate this has been very successful, and over the last three years, I think it is, when they have had thousands of women using these devices they have had no fatalities.

While we are looking at what we can do in this area, technology is of course very important, so I would like to get from the minister an update on the pilot from the Safe Futures Foundation initiative and for her in fact to look at other ways to promote more technological devices. And I hope that in the upcoming budget there will be some money put aside to put these types of devices into this area so we can tackle family violence and keep women and children safe in their homes.

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