Family Violence - Unchain My Heart (22.03.2016)

Written on the 3 May 2016


Family violence

22 March 2016


Members statements 



One such community group that is doing some excellent work in raising awareness and education in family violence is Unchain My Heart.

The Unchain My Heart committee, which was formed in 2014, brings together a number of Jewish women's organisations who are all extremely concerned about the lack of justice shown towards women in the divorce process, known as 'get'.

Alarmingly there are many women within the Jewish community who cannot initiate divorce proceedings. Without a divorce they are unable to remarry in an Orthodox synagogue, and the repercussions for children in these situations have longstanding implications and consequences.

Denying a woman the opportunity to divorce is yet another example of gender inequality.

For women to remain in this situation is also a form of family violence. The emotional and psychological impacts are enormous, and the work being undertaken by Unchain My Heart to highlight the issue and the appropriate attention it receives is to be commended.

This is just one of a number of forms of family violence happening within our multicultural communities. With only days until the royal commission hands down its report that will include findings and recommendations, I sincerely hope it has also addressed many of the issues highlighting culturally inappropriate behaviour that does not reflect a modern and progressive Victorian community in 2016.

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