Family violence (13.9.2016)

Written on the 15 September 2016

Family violence

13 September 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB- Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is to the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, and it relates to providing services to the areas of Echuca and Kyabram.

I know that the member for Swan Hill in the other place, Peter Walsh, has been very interested in this issue and has been speaking with people about the concerns that have been raised with him in relation to the services provided within that community. We have just heard from Mr Ramsay that some of those men's behavioural change programs are overloaded in the city of Geelong and about how the demand is growing with instances of family violence. Especially in rural and regional areas, where the services are sometimes not located, it is very difficult for people to access them in a timely manner.

In Echuca and Kyabram there are two women who have been calling for a victim service. They have been campaigning to create a hub or create some additional services for women and children and in fact any victims of family violence. As we know, it is a complex area and there are elderly who are victims of family violence, there are siblings who are victims and there are obviously women and children and also men at times who are victims of family violence. These two women have been raising money and have been trying to get additional services. Their concerns are especially in relation to the Campaspe shire area having a very high rate of family violence and that many of these victims, especially women and children, fleeing family violence will not go to Bendigo, which has the nearest services. It is quite a distance for them to travel in many instances or they are unable to travel those distances, and therefore these women and other victims do not seek the services that maybe they need.

So my question to the minister is and I know that there has been a changing of the guard in terms of her responsibility, but I am hoping she can assist in this that she look at this issue and address the concerns of the newly created Echuca-Kyabram Family Violence Action Group so that funding is provided to get services within that area as a matter of urgency. As we know, family violence is an issue, and this area is in desperate need of services now.

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