Family violence emergency relief (7.3.2017)

Written on the 23 March 2017

7 March 2017



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence I think, but who knows? It could be the Special Minister for State, because he is overseeing things as the minister got removed from her position, or it might even be the minister at the table, Minister Mikakos, but it relates to emergency relief. Somebody has contacted me about relief they wanted for a fridge a payment. As a client of the Women's Health West program they sought and got assistance for child care and rent arrears, but they were without a fridge for three weeks and needed one, so they contacted me in desperation to ask what I could do to help.

I looked at the issue and I was quite concerned, because when I spoke to this individual she was very concerned that her caseworker was unable to progress what was needed. When I spoke to Women's Health West I had a very good conversation with Dr Robyn Gregory, who does a terrific job out there, and she really highlighted to me exactly what is going on in terms of the administration aspects and the issues that they have in being able to ensure that these women who need crisis relief get what they need. Because of the burdensome administration, there are some delays in the process.

We understand that we do not want rorting of these programs, that there have got to be checks and balances in place and that they have to be administered in an appropriate manner, but for three weeks the fridge was unavailable during summertime and the rent arrears took some time to administer. In actual fact Women's Health West have had to bring on somebody to assist with the brokerage administration of all these requests.

So I really think it needs to be looked at, and that is why I am saying I am actually not quite sure which minister it is, because we have got so many ministers looking after the prevention of family violence that it is in a bit of a state of flux and confusion.


The action I seek is for the minister to investigate how smoother administration can be better applied in crisis relief in situations as I have just highlighted to the house.

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