Gender equality (21.6.2016)

Written on the 22 June 2016

21 June 2016


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GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB- Southern Metropolitan)


On a Victorian government website it says and I quote:

Advancing gender equality increases women's safety, security and wellbeing by encouraging a society based on respect and equality.


Gender equality also has tangible benefits for Victoria's social and economic prosperity, as more women are supported to reach their potential.


Clearly Premier Daniel Andrews has not read the memo yet, or maybe gender equality for Daniel Andrews is all very well unless it gets in the way of paying back your union mates.

Lucinda Nolan is an exemplary role model for women and young girls in Victoria. Former Minister Jane Garrett stated that Lucinda Nolan has outstanding leadership skills and a great knowledge of Victoria, also saying:


Ms Nolan will make a great fire service even better as she leads the organisation into a new era.


But Daniel Andrews had other plans and bullied both this senior female minister and CEO out of their roles over their stance on an enterprise bargaining agreement that the Australian Human Rights Commission found breached the state's anti-discrimination laws by tipping the balance against women, older workers, parents, carers and disabled workers. In March 2015, fresh on the back of the election, Daniel Andrews said:

Outcomes for women start with attitudes toward women.

Now 18 months into his term we see what Daniel Andrews really thinks of women's equality when it interferes with his political safety.

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