Government financial management (19.02.2014)

Written on the 28 February 2014

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- The extraordinary revelation of a $19 billion shortfall in Labor's transport policy should be of concern to every single Victorian. The revelation highlights the inability of Labor to manage money. Victorians remember only too well the legacy the Victorian coalition inherited when we came to government in 2010. A little over three years ago we discovered project after project either underfunded or having massive project cost blow-outs.

Labor gave us projects such as the desalination plant, which will cost Victorians $1.8 million each day for decades. The botched pokies licence fiasco is $3 billion of Victorian taxpayer money wasted.

Myki was budgeted at $350 million, and on coming to government we found it to be a cost to Victorian taxpayers of around $1.4 billion -- not to mention the numerous other IT project cost overruns totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. The north-south pipeline represents a cost of $750 million without delivering a drop of water. The Ararat prison project is another botched contract that has required significant renegotiation to save jobs and further cost to the taxpayer.

Unlike the Labor government, the coalition government understands the importance of managing projects properly with sound financial management. Victorians want strong leadership and a government planning for the future in a realistic manner. They do not believe the media stunts of the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly and member for Mulgrave, Daniel Andrews, who waves around blank cheques, or his rhetoric of unfunded promises such as the removal of 50 level crossings.

The Napthine government is planning for the future in transport, whether that be with improved train punctuality, more trams, more trains, more bus services or crucial infrastructure projects such as the east-west link or the staged removal of level crossings, as is happening at the Murrumbeena level crossing in my electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region. Victorians understand the need for careful planning, and they want a government that can manage money.

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