Government performance (10.12.2015)

Written on the 11 December 2015


10 December 2015


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


What an appalling legacy this government has left Victorians in just 12 months, with $1.1 billion wasted on the eastwest link, a desperately needed project and one started well before the signing of the contract before last year's state election. Other areas of waste and mismanagement include the cost of the grand final public holiday at around $1 billion, with 79 per cent of Victoria's tourism operators saying, 'Scrap it'. Only 164 new full-time jobs have been created, despite the promise of 100 000 new jobs. State taxes are up. We have a budget deficit the first in more than 20 years. We have the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel, which is a project not fully costed. South Yarra station has been completely ignored, with this government showing contempt for the thousands of commuters who rely on that station. Now we have Metro 2. It is just another stunt, with no costing and no money allocated.

The government has refused to release data on serious incidents affecting vulnerable children. Women's refuges are bursting at the seams. Crime stats are up, yet we have fewer police than when we left office just 12 months ago. The Andrews government has cut funding to family violence programs that would assist women and children. We have mixed messages from the government. The government supports a brutal sport in cage fighting and yet there is the Royal Commission into Family Violence. This is a government dominated by the unions. We have had many disastrous consequences already under this government, and Victorians are going to have to pay for them dearly for years to come. What a disgrace!

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