Government performance (16.08.2016)

Written on the 1 September 2016


16 August 2016


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


At the start of this session we saw how the government operated in relation to the swearing in of the new member for Northern Victoria Region and their total contempt and disregard for the process.

Mr Finn -  For the people.

Ms CROZIER - For the people quite right, Mr Finn.

What we have seen from this government in under two years is a theme of this coming through, including in regard to the decisions they are making in a whole range of projects and undertakings across the state.

In my own area of Southern Metropolitan Region, as members would be well aware, over the winter break a number of decisions were made in relation to sky rail, the chopping down of trees, and the disregard for the local communities around North Road in Ormond, with the level crossing there and plans for 13 storeys.

The local council had no knowledge of this decision up until a day before. These decisions are very symptomatic of this government, and of course we have seen so many other decisions, whether it is ripping up the eastwest link contract and the wastage of $1.1 billion, the Metro Rail debacle or the local council debacle that we are facing today and the extraordinary botched process that is occurring.

With those issues alone, and of course the symbolic nature of the Country Fire Authority dispute, which is so shameful at every level, Victorians should all be very concerned.

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