Government performance (8.3.2017)

Written on the 23 March 2017

8 March 2017


Members statements 



CROZIER:  Talking of taking responsibility, the government has failed to take responsibility on a number of issues, and I want to refer to the rorting by the former Deputy Speaker and former Speaker.

I think it is absolutely outrageous that the Premier has been too weak to stand up to what is morally and ethically wrong. In fact it is no wonder that Victorians are questioning this government, who are making some extraordinary decisions for instance, yesterday's ridiculous proposition of turning the stick figures in pedestrian crossing lights into females. Honestly, this is condescending, and it is completely ridiculous to have political correctness in this form. I agree with Mr Ramsay and others who have spoken on this it is political correctness gone mad.

Women do not want to be recognised in this way. They want to be able to cross the street safely, and they want safer footpaths and safer and less congested roads. They certainly do not want legislation that prescribes that 50 per cent of pedestrian stick figures be depicted wearing a dress. It is absolutely ridiculous, but this is the priority of the Andrews government. They have not stood up for Victorians, and it is no wonder that Victorians are leaving them in droves after seeing what a shambolic mess this government is, with the continued rorting, which is symbolic of this Labor government.

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