Graffiti (18.09.2014)

Written on the 18 September 2014

Raised by Ms Crozier on 6 August 2014


REPLY from Minister for Crime Prevention, Edward O'Donohue MLC


The Victorian coalition government is serious about responding to community concerns about graffiti vandalism, and is tackling the issue through prevention, removal and enforcement.

The Community Correctional Services' Graffiti Removal Program has eliminated over 2 million square metres -- enough to cover more than 100 MCG playing fields -- of graffiti from Victorian communities since the program commenced. This amount of graffiti would cost over $50 million to remove at commercial rates and has instead been achieved through offenders undertaking more than 620 000 hours of unpaid community work as reparation for their offences.

The Victorian coalition government is also supporting local communities to tackle graffiti vandalism with grants of up to $25 000 for councils to partner with a range of community groups to develop and support local responses to graffiti. More than $1.4 million has been provided in grants to local communities for 83 projects to deter, prevent and clean up illegal graffiti.

I recently announced the 'Dob in a Tagger' Graffiti Initiative, providing $150 000 in funding to Crime Stoppers for a campaign to encourage people to dob in graffiti taggers. A $500 reward is available to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest or charge of a person who has tagged on our public transport or freeways.

In addition to these initiatives, the Victorian coalition government has made available over 300 free portable graffiti removal systems to local councils and community groups to support community-based graffiti removal activities across Victoria.

Portable graffiti removal systems are valuable assets in the fight against graffiti in local neighbourhoods.

They are ideal for use by community groups and local traders' associations to remove graffiti in situations that are too small to warrant the use of a community trailer and too large to be tackled with graffiti removal wipes or small graffiti removal kits. Their size, transportability and the inclusion of a high-pressure water system means they can meet many community needs.

The system consists of a 120-litre wheelie bin, a high pressure water system, graffiti removal products and personal protective equipment. The products are stored in the bin that is used to transport the system as well as collect water for use in graffiti removal by high-pressure water spray.

I am delighted to be able to join you on 19 September 2014 to deliver a portable graffiti system for use by the local community in Oakleigh.

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