Graffiti (6.8.2014)

Written on the 7 August 2014


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- The matter I raise tonight is for the attention of the Minister for Crime Prevention, Mr O'Donohue.

It is a matter that I know causes great frustration for my constituents in Oakleigh, and it concerns the problem of graffiti.

Not only is graffiti unsightly and at times offensive, it is also illegal. There are a number of highly visible sites across the Southern Metropolitan Region that are continually being targeted with this illegal activity that is conducted by, quite simply, vandals. One of those areas is in Koornang Road, Carnegie, in the parking area behind the shops, where specific concerns have been raised about the level of graffiti appearing.

The coalition government is serious about responding to community concerns about graffiti and stamping out graffiti at a local level, and I commend the minister and the government for the various initiatives available to communities to tackle this scourge. The government has a range of excellent initiatives available to help communities address localised graffiti concerns, including an annual $300 000 graffiti grants program to deliver local graffiti prevention and removal solutions, which I know a number of communities in my electorate have already benefited from, and the direct removal of graffiti by supervised offenders on community orders under the Community Correctional Services Graffiti Removal Program.

I also commend the minister for the Dob in a Tagger campaign in conjunction with Crime Stoppers that I understand is targeted at young people who may have information about graffiti offenders on our freeways and public transport.

The challenge of graffiti is ongoing, and these initiatives go a long way to help communities tackle this blight on our local landscapes. It is my understanding also that the government has further initiatives available to help local communities to respond quickly to concerns about graffiti. Therefore, the action I seek from the minister is that he provide me with some information on one of these other anti-graffiti initiatives that may be available to assist the local Oakleigh community.

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