Grand Final Friday Public Holiday (6.10.2015)

Written on the 8 October 2015

6 October 2015



Members statements  GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


On Friday I listened to the Premier, Daniel Andrews, when he appeared on Melbourne's 3AW radio, trying to justify the $1 billion grand final eve public holiday.

On that day I travelled around my electorate and saw business after business with notices on their front doors saying, 'Closed due to the grand final public holiday.'

I also visited the Prahran Market on that day. I usually shop there on Saturdays, but I went down on the Friday. I spoke to one of the stallholders I regularly buy from and I asked him about the impact on him of the grand final eve public holiday.

He said it had been very quiet and that stallholders had voted to stay open because they had a loyalty to their customers. Clearly he and the other stallholders at the market were not going to benefit from the grand final eve public holiday.

Mr Dalidakis Not true.

Ms CROZIER They were working, Mr Dalidakis.

Mr Dalidakis That is not true. That is the first time on any public holiday ever.

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Elasmar) Order!

Ms CROZIER Could I start again, Acting President?

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Elasmar) Order! No, the member cannot. She had better continue.

Ms CROZIER The Premier said the most important thing you could be doing is spending time with your family. Those stallholders at the Prahran Market could not do that because they were working and they were paying their workers.

Mr Dalidakis interjected.

Mr O'Donohue On a point of order, Acting President, there is a clear protocol in this house that during members statements members are to be heard in silence, without interjection. Minister Dalidakis is continuing to interject during Ms Crozier's contribution. I ask you to call the minister into line and ask him to desist, and I ask you to provide Ms Crozier further time to complete her members statement.

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Elasmar) Order! I am aware of the protocols of this house, but unfortunately Ms Crozier's time has expired. I advised Ms Crozier to continue. She should have continued and ignored the interjections.

Mr O'Donohue On a further point of order, Acting President, when I raised my first point of order I believe Ms Crozier had 15 seconds remaining for her members statement. Clearly the clock was not stopped.

The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Elasmar) Order! I am happy to give Ms Crozier another 15 seconds.

Ms CROZIER As I was saying, those stallholders who were working on Friday did not see the benefits of the grand final eve public holiday, and they had to pay penalty rates to their employees.

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