Grand Final Public Holiday (15.9.2015)

Written on the 16 September 2015

15 September 2015


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GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)

Just because something is an election commitment does not mean it is correct or will be good for Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews's election commitment to a grand final public holiday is a disastrous election commitment that is going to cost the state in the vicinity of $1.5 billion. It is a holiday no-one wants, except maybe his union mates. They will either be happy to work to get the penalties or head off interstate for a long weekend. Those two scenarios are exactly what I have heard that firefighters plan to do.

Small business owners in Bentleigh are scathing about the decision, with comments about it including:

'No-one wants it. Why are we having it?', 'It will cost me either way', 'I can't afford this holiday' and 'What a daft decision!'. What a daft decision indeed, because Daniel Andrews is driving our state into the ground. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that instead of heading towards his 100 000 job pledge, Victoria's job figures are actually declining.

Victoria cannot afford a government that is too interested in repaying union debts with additional holidays and penalty payments. Daniel Andrews should get out more and speak with small business. He should understand that small businesses are the engine room of the economy and they do not want this public holiday. Small businesses are doing it tough as it is.

This is yet another reckless decision made by Daniel Andrews to pay back those who supported him in last year's election. This decision for a grand final public holiday will go down as an election commitment he will perhaps wish he had never made.

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