Horace Petty public housing estate (12.06.2014)

Written on the 24 June 2014

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- My question is to the Minister for Housing, Wendy Lovell, and I ask:

Can the minister inform the house of the progress of the Horace Petty estate master planning process?


Hon. W. A. LOVELL (Minister for Housing) -- I thank the member for her question and her ongoing interest in those who are vulnerable in her community and in what we can do to improve conditions for them. Master planning at the Horace Petty estate is a three-stage process, and phase 1 of that began in 2011 with community consultation. In 2013 we included the Bangs, Essex and King streets estates as part of the master planning process as well. The consultation set out a vision for the estate, and it included expert analysis and also background studies. Phase 2 has been the development of draft plans, and a further consultation period on those draft plans has now begun.

We are seeking input from the community regarding the two proposals that have been put forward for consultation. There is a five-week consultation period, which includes a drop-in display, a walking tour, viewing of the draft plans online and also a questionnaire. The consultations so far have been a huge success. They have been attended by both residents of the Horace Petty estate and also people from the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The program has been met with excitement. I know this because I was there recently to attend the community liaison committee meeting that was chaired by my colleague Clem Newton-Brown, the member for Prahran in the other place. What this consultation provides is an opportunity to plan for better housing, better open space, better communities and also better opportunities for tenants.

I encourage the entire Prahran community to get actively involved in the master planning process that will provide better opportunities, better housing and better communities around the Horace Petty, Essex Street, King Street and Bangs Street estates in Prahran.

It is disappointing that the opposition has chosen to try to score cheap political points over this.

The shadow Minister for Housing has claimed that this is a secret sell-off agenda. This is absolutely hypocritical, considering that on 17 May 2010 Richard Wynne, the member for Richmond in the Assembly and the then Minister for Housing, when talking about exactly the same program process, said the renewal projects aimed to better integrate the estates with their neighbourhoods and break up pockets of disadvantage by having owner-occupiers living alongside public housing tenants. This was reported in the Age when he first started talking about the process of building some new housing and also master planning for the three estates, Horace Petty, Atherton Gardens and Richmond.

Richard Wynne can accuse us of secret sell-off plans, but actually it was he and his government that signed up to this agreement that required master planning to be done. This government is getting on with the job of doing the master planning because it actually believes it is the right thing to do to get the best result for tenants and for communities that surround the high-rise estates.

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