In Bentleigh listening to resident's concerns

Written on the 5 November 2015

In Bentleigh listening to resident's concerns


There is considerable concern in Bentleigh that the street and residential landscape is changing so quickly and so dramatically, that the area is losing its heritage appeal and the integrity of the suburb is being compromised before residents can co-ordinate and object.

At a Listening Post in Centre Road, Bentleigh, a number of constituents asked how planning laws could allow the sale to developers of 10 out of 15 homes in a cul-de-sac when it is already impossible for rubbish trucks to turn in the street.  They asked; 

"Why would the remaining residents stay when in 12 months they will be overlooked by a glossy four storey apartment with no heritage value? "

In addition, a number of people spoke of their concerns regarding the approval of a nine storey apartment building in the main shopping centre.

People in Bentleigh don't want this density.

Fisherman's Bend was planned to counter much of this pressure from the current and expected arrival of more than 100,000 people into Victoria each year.



Pictured with Bentleigh residents - listening to concerns: planning, traffic congestion and parking availability are the major issues!

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