Jenny Mikakos has lost control of youth justice (14.11.2016)

Written on the 14 November 2016


Monday 14 November 2016

Minister Jenny Mikakos has lost control of Victoria's youth detention system.

Reports that more than 20 youths have escaped their cells and are running riot around the Parkville Youth Justice Centre is the latest in a long line of violent incidents that are now happening multiple times a week at youth justice facilities.

The situation is reportedly so febrile that a Victoria Police tactical response team has been required to attend to subdue the rioting.

Today's rioting comes after only yesterday another riot was subdued at the same facility, yet the Minister Jenny Mikakos is nowhere to be found and refuses to admit there is a problem.

Rather than crack down on these offenders that show no respect for authority and take back control of these facilities, Daniel Andrews and Jenny Mikakos have become apologists for their behaviour and show no interest in preventing it happening again.

It is now obvious to everybody except Daniel Andrews that Minister Jenny Mikakos is hopelessly out of her depth and has lost control of Victoria's youth detention system.

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