Key safety awareness in Early Education (22.11.2018)

Written on the 22 November 2018



Thursday 22 November 2018

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will ensure Victorian children who attend kindergarten or long day care are taught safety awareness that will aim to keep them safe and prevent injury or death.

According to Kidsafe Victoria, 157 Australian children die each year from preventable injuries. In Victoria, over 20 children die every year from preventable injuries and a further 100,000 are treated in hospital.

We will ensure that education resources will be adapted so that children attending kindergarten or long day care have a focus on safety awareness in the following areas:


  •          The importance of putting on safety belts
  •          Driveway and road safety awareness
  •          How to cross the road safely
  •          Battery safety
  •          Water danger and water safety equipment such as the importance of wearing floaties or life jackets
  •          How to dial 000 if a family member requires emergency care
  •          Stranger danger awareness
  •          Cybersafety


Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Families and Children, Georgie Crozier:

"The Liberal Nationals want kids to be able to explore and use their imagination in a play-based environment but also be aware of the dangers of water or when crossing the road.

"We want to support parents in educating our youngest children on basic safety awareness. By providing resources in early education and setting consistent messaging will ensure kids are aware of the things that can hurt them and keep them safer."


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