Kids Under Cover (11.03.2014)

Written on the 12 March 2014

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) -- My question is to the Minister for Housing, Ms Lovell. Can the minister update the house on any recent initiatives to help vulnerable young people stay connected with their families and communities?


Hon. W. A. LOVELL (Minister for Housing) -- I thank the member for her question and her ongoing interest in those less fortunate than ourselves.

Last week I was honoured to attend the 25th anniversary of Kids Under Cover. I was accompanied by my colleague Ms Crozier, as well as Ms Broad and the member for Richmond in the Assembly, Mr Wynne, from the Labor Party. A former Premier, John Brumby, also attended the event. At that event I was delighted to announce that the Victorian government will support Kids Under Cover over the next three years with $2.6 million from the Victorian Property Fund.

Kids Under Cover is a fantastic organisation. It builds one and two-bedroom studios that can be located in backyards, helping to keep families together when young people are finding it difficult to stay at home. It also provides scholarships that keep young people in education and links young people with specially trained adult mentors. Kids Under Cover has helped more than 2800 young people at risk of homelessness since 1989. The funding provided by the Victorian government will help to support the provision of 63 studio units over the next three years. It will provide 21 new one-bedroom units and 21 new two-bedroom units, and it will support the relocation of 21 existing units. This is a vision that Kids Under Cover shares with the Victorian government to help young people stay at home and stay connected with their families, to help them avoid homelessness and to keep them in touch with their local communities.

The Kids Under Cover units are fantastic. They are located in backyards where mum can still watch their young person from the kitchen window but the young person has some independence, which is often the problem that exists in the family -- that need for independence for that young person. The funding for Kids Under Cover is just another way that the Victorian coalition government is building for the future, addressing the needs of those most vulnerable and intervening early to ensure the best outcomes for vulnerable Victorians. We are proud to support Kids Under Cover and, as Ms Broad said to me at the function, we are proud that the support given to Kids Under Cover is bipartisan

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