Labors Plan to Add Hundreds More Units and Apartment Blocks to our Streets (29.08.2012)

Written on the 29 August 2012

The Victorian Labor Party’s decision to oppose urban regeneration at Fisherman’s Bend will see hundreds of apartments built along quiet neighborhood streets, the member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Georgie Crozier said.


The Fisherman’s Bend urban renewal project is the largest of its kind in Australia and will be home to tens of thousands of residents, taking the pressure for high density, high rise development off existing suburbs.


The Labor opposition is seeking in State parliament to reverse the rezoning for the Fisherman’s Bend precinct, instead, favouring the Justin Madden Melbourne 2030 approach of building high rise, high density development in every suburb.


Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, Georgie Crozier said today that this reckless approach from the Labor opposition would have a direct impact upon quiet suburban streets throughout the City of Monash if it was passed by the parliament.


“If Labor scraps the Fisherman’s Bend urban renewal project, it would see a huge increase in high rise, high density apartment blocks in local neighbourhood streets. This was a key feature of Labor’s disastrous Melbourne 2030 planning policy,” Ms Crozier said.


Ms Crozier in parliament today said “this project is worth over $2 billion over 10 years to the Victorian economy.”


The 240 hectare precinct would generate thousands of construction jobs and take massive pressure off development in existing suburbs.


“The Baillieu Government is committed to making the planning system better, simpler and fairer,” Ms Crozier said.


“We are ensuring that urban renewal has its place, planning zones are reformed and are ensuring that while high rise, high density development proceeds, it does so in areas that are known and identified by the community.”

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