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Written on the 25 February 2016


23 February 2016


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB -Southern Metropolitan)


In recent weeks communities across the south-east of Melbourne have experienced the true style of the Andrews government. It is very typical of this government, which is very quick to totally distort the truth and very quick to dismiss community concerns. The proposed sky rail that became apparent over the past few weeks has raised real concerns to communities in my electorate of Southern Metropolitan Region.

I would like to acknowledge the work of my colleagues David Davis and Margaret Fitzherbert for their work in listening to those communities' concerns. People in Murrumbeena and Carnegie are rightly alarmed at how the Andrews government has managed the issue.

Sky rail who had heard of it prior to Christmas?

There was no such mandate for sky rail to occur prior to the last election. It is a decision, it is reported, that did not even go before a full cabinet meeting.

I acknowledge what is in today's Australian where it says this is:

the latest in a string of decisions made unilaterally by the Premier and his clique

It goes on to say:

MPs who attended the annual caucus retreat just two days before the sky rail plan was announced were not told it was coming, leaving even those most affected blindsided.

So with sky rail being thrust upon the communities of Carnegie and Murrumbeena, what of other communities in the south-east?

Is the government going to thrust sky rail on them too?

Residents and businesses in Carnegie and Murrumbeena are rightly outraged that consultation occurred at literally the 11th hour. I am still receiving emails, as many of us are. Constituents have been extremely measured and reasonable in their requests to understand the proposal, which is in direct contrast to the government's handling of this issue. This whole debacle demonstrates a highly dysfunctional and chaotic government - and that is not good for Victoria.

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