Maintenance during major events (18.03.2015)

Written on the 18 March 2015

18 March 2015
COUNCIL  Adjournment 

GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)

My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Tourism and Major Events. As we are all well aware, Melbourne has an enviable international reputation for holding world-class major events. We have just heard from Mr Ramsay about the Australian International Airshow at Avalon which was held recently; and obviously we have the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open Tennis Championships and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, which was held just last weekend in Albert Park. I note that the numbers of international viewers of that event were at the usual figures, and we have many international events that are frequented by not only Victorians but also interstate and international visitors.

However, when events like this occur there are significant challenges around the various areas that have to be managed, and the community is very understanding of the major events when they occur and is very supportive of them. But on Saturday morning there were a number of traffic congestion incidents which impacted on the amenity of people within the areas of Prahran and South Yarra and right across the south-eastern suburbs. Maintenance was being done for line marking on the Bolte Bridge; Melbourne Water undertook water mains works from Friday, 13 March to Monday, 16 March between Punt Road and Anderson Street, which really impacted traffic flow along the Alexandra Avenue road route; and there was an incident in the Burnley Tunnel.

All of these activities combined to have a major impact once the grand prix was also in play. They had a major impact on people's ability to get around the south-eastern suburbs and caused significant congestion. I suppose if we had another major road route going through, it would alleviate some of these issues. Nevertheless, the issue I ask the minister to look at is this. I know Melbourne Water gave notice that the works would be undertaken, and the other incident I referred to, the Burnley Tunnel incident, could not be avoided, but the Bolte Bridge line marking may have been able to be undertaken at another time. I know the government has said there will be a review of major events. When these major events are being held, could the government possibly look at speaking to the utility companies, Public Transport Victoria and VicRoads to ensure that a major congestion like this does not occur again and impact on those communities surrounding major event venues?



Major event traffic management - REPLY

05 May 2015

Written Adjournment Responses

Previous Document Raised with:  Minister for Tourism and Major Events

Raised by:       Ms Crozier

Raised on:       18 March 2015


Thank you for your question.

Traffic management is routinely undertaken as part of the staging of major events in Victoria. When necessary, alternative traffic routes are prepared and appropriately communicated to road users.

Whilst every effort is made to avoid unnecessary disruption to the local community, incidents do occur that are outside of the control of event organisers.

Fundamentally, the issues described by the Member for Southern Metropolitan Region are a transport coordination issue. I have asked senior officials in the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) to note the Member's concerns with senior Transport officials in DEDJTR and senior officials in Melbourne Water.

The Member's request for consideration of better major event transport coordination has been passed onto the Visitor Economy Review team.

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