Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre (25.10.2016)

Written on the 9 November 2016

25 October 2016



GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


My adjournment matter this evening is for the Premier. It relates to some comments he made in the Assembly at question time this afternoon. During the course of question time a series of questions were put to the Premier by the member for Bayswater regarding the serious instances of rioting that occurred at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre over the weekend, which affected staff safety.

In his response to a question put by the member for Bayswater, the Premier, I believe, was extremely demeaning in his response and ridiculed her regarding the current situation not possibly understanding that she shadows me there. It does not matter who asked the questions, quite frankly. Nevertheless, she does shadow me and I had been speaking to her about my concerns as well. The Premier, in a mocking tone I believe, suggested that he would be happy to arrange a full briefing for the member for Bayswater through the minister's office. I have wanted to do exactly that. I actually sent an email dated 9 September to the minister, which reads:

In light of today's media reports, I am requesting a visit to both Parkville and Malmsbury youth justice facilities and to be briefed on the issues and current situation with staff and employees.

That email was dated 9 September, which was after the serious riots that had occurred around that time. Of course since then we have had riots on almost a weekly basis. This weekend's riots were extremely concerning and of a very serious nature due to the damage and destruction that occurred. I got a response from the minister's office four days later, on 13 September, which says:

Thank you for writing to Jenny Mikakos MP Minister for Families and Children and Minister for Youth Affairs, regarding youth justice facilities.

Your correspondence has been noted and a response will be forthcoming.

I asked for that briefing.

The point is that I believe the Premier derided the member for Bayswater and her serious question

Mr Herbert Rubbish!

Ms CROZIER It is not rubbish, Mr Herbert; it is a serious issue.

The Premier suggested that the member for Bayswater visit Malmsbury. The action I seek from the Premier is that perhaps he could communicate with his own minister and get her to actually respond to my request as shadow Minister for Families and Children to visit the Malmsbury and Parkville facilities. It is my responsibility as shadow minister to go through the minister to put that request forward. I ask that this happen as a matter of urgency in relation to what has happened in the last week as well as the weeks and weeks and weeks of riots and the absolute crisis that is occurring in youth justice.

The PRESIDENT Order! Can Ms Crozier clarify who the adjournment item is directed to?

Ms CROZIER The Premier.

The PRESIDENT Order! And the action sought is for the Premier to tell the Minister to do what?

Ms CROZIER The action I seek is for the Premier to ask his minister to respond to my request so that I can visit Malmsbury for a full briefing on the situation.

The PRESIDENT Order! I ask Ms Crozier to rephrase her matter. I am going to give her an opportunity to redirect to the minister if she wishes to pursue the briefing angle. Otherwise the action to ask the Premier to tell the minister to do something is just not sufficient for the adjournment.

Ms CROZIER I am happy to rephrase then, President. I was just trying to make the point that the Premier was asking the member for Bayswater to visit. I ask the minister to action my request from 9 September for a briefing and visit to those youth justice facilities.

The PRESIDENT Order! Thank you. That is now directed to Minister Mikakos and not to the Premier.


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