Maternal and child health conference (5.05.2016)

Written on the 18 May 2016


5 May 2016


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


Like many of my colleagues, before entering this Parliament I had a variety of work experience - and that included working in the private health sector, the small business sector, the corporate sector and the public health sector. In fact I spent over 16 years in public health. Over that time, as members could imagine, I developed a number of networks. I had a number of calls from people who know of my experience of having worked at the Royal Women's Hospital as a midwife asking if I was going to the maternal and child health (MCH) conference which they were attending a few weeks ago. I said I was not but I would make inquiries with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), which was running it.

To my surprise I received a response from the MAV that said:


". . . the MCH conference is a professional development conference for MCH staff. 

" It is not a public event.

" Therefore invitations are not issued."


Meanwhile, the minister was in attendance at that event  . . .  and the secretary of the department mentioned that I was in attendance.  And of course from that I received a number of text messages from people saying, 'Could we catch up with you?'  I explained to them that I was not invited by the MAV but I felt it was important that I should be there in my role as a shadow minister.

The next day the minister issued a press release about what was discussed at that conference.

In future I would hope that the MAV would extend the courtesy of having shadow ministers attend important events like this.

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