McKinnon Station crossing removal - impact at Mr Burch

Written on the 15 September 2015

McKinnon Station crossing removal - impact at Mr Burch


I recently spoke with the owners and managers of Mr Burch and Son of Burch cafes, Daniella and Peter about the impact of the removal of the level crossing at McKinnon Station.

While they recognise the long term benefits to business at McKinnon Station they said, the crossing removal was not listed on the RACV top ten.

Logistics and planning is a problem for them right now and they are worried about the lack of clear time lines.

Any project delays will be significantly detrimental to their business.

They have been advised that major works will start on the 16 or 17 of December and are expecting that means utilities will be cut off gas, electricity and plumbing.

Customers will avoid the disruption; dust and Noise. The crossing will be closed to traffic the road will be a dead-end and cars will not be able to get through.

Café employees usually catch the train which won't be running and parking will be an issue for them.


Pictured outside Mr Burch cafe with Daniella and Peter near McKinnon Station.

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