Melbourne's Water Future is in our hands (30.07.13)

Written on the 30 July 2013

The people of Oakleigh and surrounding communities are invited to have their say on Melbourne’s Water Future at a public forum where the Victorian Government’s new plans for managing Melbourne’s water will be explained and community input sought.

Member for Southern Metropolitan Region Georgie Crozier said the consultation draft of the Melbourne’s Water Future strategy outlined a new, improved and sustainable way to managing Melbourne’s water system for a growing population and the likelihood of future droughts.

“The Victorian Government is now asking local communities to have a say on the strategy’s plans for delivering more water for all of Melbourne’s future needs at more affordable prices,” Ms Crozier said.

“Melbourne’s Water Future will enhance Melbourne’s enviable reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world, and it will improve the health of our waterways by reducing the amount of pollution running into Melbourne’s creeks, rivers and Port Phillip Bay,” Ms Crozier said.

“Melbourne’s Water Future will realise more water for the city to keep our parks, gardens and street trees healthy, while at the same time preserving our precious drinking water for human consumption.”

Minister for Water Peter Walsh said there were billions of litres of rainwater, stormwater and wastewater that go unused in Melbourne each year and treating and reusing this water had both environmental and economic benefits.

“By making better use of rainwater, stormwater and wastewater for non-drinking purposes we can provide ample water for all of Melbourne’s growing needs, keep downwards pressure on water prices into the future and help protect local waterways and the Bay from pollution,” Mr Walsh said.

“With the cost of the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant driving up water bills, the Victorian Government is determined to place downward pressure on the future price of water by adopting a whole-of-water-cycle strategy for Melbourne.”

What: A public consultation on Melbourne’s Water Future.

Where: Monash Seminar and Training Centre, 1a Atherton Road, Oakleigh

When: Wednesday 14 August 2013, 2-3pm

People can register to attend by visiting

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