Melbourne Youth Justice Centre Riots (8.3.2016)

Written on the 10 March 2016




Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)



My question is to the Minister for Families and Children.

A review of the riot at the Parkville youth justice centre in October 2015 was undertaken by Mr Peter Muir, a former director of Juvenile Justice New South Wales.

What specifically has been implemented from that review?



I thank the minister for that answer.

It has been over three months since the minister received the recommendations.

On radio this morning Ian Lanyon, director of secure services at the Department of Health and Human Services, indicated that recommendations of the Muir review have not been implemented although she mentioned the jailbreak.

Can the minister detail to the house: what has the government failed to implement and why?



My question is to the Minister for Families and Children.

On Sunday the Parkville youth justice facility was placed in lockdown after hammers, pitchforks and metal bars were stolen from a horticulture shed.

When did lockdown begin and how long did it go for?



I thank the minister for that answer. Can the minister confirm that the lockdown was actually lifted on Sunday night?



Supplementary question


I am referring to the Monday riot incident, but if Sunday was a riot, I am happy for you to answer that as well.


Well, that is what I asked fora supplementary question. The member should ask a supplementary question, please.


In reference to the Monday riot at the Parkville youth justice facility, will the minister rule out transferring the ringleader or ringleaders out of the youth justice system and into the adult prison system?




My question is again to the Minister for Families and Children.

Given there have been two significant riots and multiple other incidents in just the last five months, has the minister lost control to youth gangs at Parkville's youth justice centre?




I thank the minister for her answer.

My supplementary question is: with her multiple reviews and implemented recommendations, can the minister guarantee that another riot, similar to what happened in October and again yesterday, will not happen again under her watch?

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