MEMBERS STATEMENTS - Australia Day Awards (6.2.2019)

Written on the 6 February 2019



Australia Day Awards

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  

I would like to acknowledge this year's recipients of the Australia Day honours and in particular the joint Australians of the Year, Dr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen.
Their selfless actions in participating in such a significant way in saving the 12 stranded Thai boys from a flooded cave was inspiring and nothing but extraordinary. Like many across the globe who were watching the events unfold on live TV, I could not but be moved by what had transpired.

If ever there were worthy recipients for our highest award, it would be these two men, who have it in spades. They still remain humble about their achievements, and I think we would all agree that that only adds to them being such worthy recipients. Congratulations to them and all other recipients, particularly to those within my region of Southern Metropolitan Region. All should be very proud of what they have achieved and of the recognition that such an award gives.

I cannot name everyone, but I would like to particularly recognise a number of wonderful women who have been recognised this year: Helen Parker for her work with the Babes Project in supporting vulnerable young mothers; Felicity Frederico for her support to the community and the work she has done to encourage female participation in sport and her work with glass ceilingssomething I was very pleased to supportLyn Swinburne, founder of the Breast Cancer Network Australia and her work with the Pink Lady Field of Women; and Chrissy Foster for her tireless work to address child abuse.

I think it is also important to note that all of the recipients were recognised for what they had done in one way or another. They were recognised for their actions and not because of their gender. Let us hope this is the way it will stay and quotas will not be applied. After all, this year's awards saw a record number of women being recognised and also becoming joint recipients of the highest order because of their extraordinary actions.

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