MEMBERS STATEMENTS - Government Advertising (2.5.2019)

Written on the 2 May 2019

2 May 2019


Members statements 



Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - Daniel Andrews and his government know no bounds, deliberately defying what is right and proper, and using a deceitful taxpayer-funded advertising campaign against another level of government in an election campaign. It is truly shameful that our great state has come to have a government with no moral compass, a government that abuses the trust of those it represents, a government so arrogant that it now no longer appreciates the privilege it has been given through our democratic process in governing for all Victorians.

It is a government so desperate in actual fact to have Bill Shorten and another level of government bail them out because they have blown the budget.

Why else would you move budget day within days of bringing it down? Everyone has known for months that the federal election would be in May, so it just does not stack up that Treasurer Tim Pallas says he wants to wait for a new federal government. He is praying for a win by Bill Shorten, who just like Daniel Andrews will tax hardworking Victorians even further. They have to, because that is the only way they can pay for their cost blowouts and overspends. Instead they should not be avoiding the facts of their mismanagement; they should be understanding the reality of what is happening in Victoriathe reality that in 2019 the Alfred hospital is having to use old shipping containers in the car park to conduct surgery. It is like a scene out of M*A*S*H or some Third World country, yet that great facility, one that is close to my heart, has been subjected to that situation.

There is also the fact that wait times have blown out all over the place. It is no good arrogantly blaming anyone else, because you, Daniel Andrews and Jenny Mikakos, are responsible for the delivery of health services in this state. If you did not waste money, if you were not a government drunk on power and devoid of decency, you would understand the priorities of what is required.

Sadly for us all, this government's priorities are all wrong. It is all about them and not Victorian patients or taxpayers.

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