MEMBERS STATEMENTS - Toork Road Level Crossing Removal (19.2.2019)

Written on the 19 February 2019


19 February 2019


Georgie Crozier (LIB)


MS CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)

The arrogance of Daniel Andrews and contempt for communities was on display for all Victorians to see last week. The announcement last Wednesday by the Premier and the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allen, that the Toorak Road level crossing would be sky rail took local residents and the local tier of government, the Stonnington City Council, by complete surprise. After all, it was Jacinta Allen who said in this Parliament in May of last year that the Stonnington council would be consulted on all aspects of the removal of this particular crossing.

Daniel Andrews and his government think they can just bulldoze their way through communities with their attitude of 'we know best.'

Their tick and flick approach to getting things done comes at a cost. Government debt is doubling, infrastructure project costs are blowing out and hardworking Victorians are constantly being slugged by the highest taxing government in the country.

It is becoming abundantly apparent that this government refuses to take into consideration what is important for any decent democracyconsultation.

What a contrast to the former coalition government who worked with the council, residents and affected businesses for the removal of the Burke Road level crossing, a very complex crossing that involved tram tracks, access to the Monash Freeway, dual-lane roads, communication cables, environmental and amenity structures and high traffic volume.

Yet it was funded and designed as rail under road.

The behaviour of this government is an utter disgrace. This Premier and this minister should be condemned for their arrogant attitude and actions, for the mistruths they have told in this Parliament and for their complete disregard for decent governance.

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